What are the Best Compound Brands?

There are an overwhelming number of compound bows available on the market today. The compound is popular because of its adaptability and has really streaked ahead of the more traditional recurve bow because of what it can offer.

A compound is suitable for all levels of shooters whether youth or beginner right through to the more experienced.

Finding the right bow for you will depend up your skill level, your end game and to some extent, your pocket. Don’t assume that a cheaper price necessarily means an inferior product.

Hardcore archers will always have their favorite brands but household names are not necessarily the ones to go for. There are lots of other lesser known makes which offer really decent alternatives.

If you are new to the market and really struggling to discern between all the different bows on offer then this article will take you through some of what we think of as the best compound brands of today.


Bear Archery

This is an American company with a long history and which prides itself on a totally reliable and ethical product.  Founded by Fred Bear in 1902, Bear Archery has been around long enough to have an impeccable knowledge and pedigree, honed by many years designing and crafting the very best products.  

Managed and steered by the great Fred Bear until his death in 1988, the company has always been driven by his lifelong passion for hunting and personal quest to make the best possible bows.  Begun as a hobbyist venture, making bows for friends, the company took shape in the late thirties as demand began to demonstrate to Fred that he knew what he was talking about.  The rest as they say is history.

Bear Cruzer

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R

A great example of a Bear Compound.

The Cruzer Compound Bow is a truly versatile piece of kit, easy and light enough to be handled by a younger archer but man enough for the big game job. The reason for this, is the Cruzer’s adaptability.  The Cruzer is great for smaller archers but retains the power to deliver for a serious hunter, always with a silky smooth draw.  It’s a Bear so it has a lifetime warranty.  Check out the full product review here.



Bowtech Archery is a market leader in terms of innovation and the development of archery products.  Bowtech is not standalone as it is the parent of other very well known brands such as Excalibur Crossbows and Diamond Archery so their reach goes well beyond the US, into Canada and worldwide. 

Bowtech is based in the States and boasts a passionate and dedicated workforce which really listens to their customers and thrives on communication and innovation.  Bowtech pride themselves on ongoing customer contact which allows them to not only offer support, but also to improve design and development based on customer usage.  It is fair to say that they are at the forefront of bow design, always with several patents pending and their stated ethos ‘refuse to follow’ really emphasizes their drive and desire to be at the cutting edge of bow development. 

Carbon Knight

Bowtech Carbon Knight 70# RH Mossy Oak Infinity Camo R.A.K.

An innovative Bowtech example.

The Bowtech Carbon Knight is a compound bow which really highlights Bowtech’s use of innovation and design, very lightweight with its carbon makeup yet deadly accurate. Particular thought has gone into the limb design and innovation is always linked to result and performance with Bowtech, there is never a compromise. Take a look for yourself.

Precision Shooting Equipment

An American sporting giant, based in Tuscon, a newer kid on the block at around forty-seven years old, this company again began out of the vision of its hobbyist founder, Pete Shepley.  Wanting to harness the newest technologies of the seventies, Pete Shepley’s revolutionary ideas were initially met with derision from established market players and so, he founded his own company so that he could begin to fulfil his vision.  

He made his first compound bow not long after and quickly received enough orders to demonstrate that this was indeed viable and popular.  PSE was one of the first manufacturers to use aluminium to make bowrisers and other accessories.  PSE also pioneered what is described as the four stage forging process, designed to create the most lightweight bow with maximum strength.  PSE remain committed to the use of the most modern manufacturing processes, to improve the development of the compound bow both within PSE and to further outreach to the sport of archery in general.

Brute Force

PSE Brute Force Black 70# 25-31' Right hand

A smooth drawing PSE.

The PSE Brute Force Compound Bow, whilst certainly not the fastest compound bow you can buy, still has a hardcore fan base and it is so accurate and with a beautiful silky draw that makes you want to shoot again and again.  It is a complete steal at the price and competes very well against some much more expensive alternatives.  Read all about it below.


No frills bow purchase, Diamond is a brand that sits underneath the great umbrella that is Bowtech and offers a more economically priced bow but with no compromise on quality.  All Diamond bows are designed and manufactured in exactly the same way as Bowtech bows.  The only difference between the bows is that Bowtech bows have a binary cam system which is the latest industry design whereas Diamond is still using the single cam technology that has been around for twenty years.

Diamond offers the same quality and design that is inherent in Bowtech and very solid and reliable products at great value. The other point to note is that Diamond bows are not sold directly to the public so you have to locate a dealer via their website; this differs a little from the supply and distribution of Bowtech products which are store based.

Infinite Edge

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30' Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package

An all time great from Diamond.

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro Compound Bow is a real schoolmaster because as your skill develops, the bow can support this and develop with you due to its integral adaptability so you will not outgrow it.  The Diamond Edge Pro is a bow suitable for all types of archers and will be a long lasting and well manufactured choice.  Read the detailed review below.


Southland Archery offers a full range of both traditional and compound bows.  Based in southern California, they have been supplying to the archery market for about ten years and pride themselves on field testing all of their products and also their incredibly competitive prices. Southland have possibly the most economic range of products and there doesn’t seem to be any compromise on quality either.  

The website is however a little spartan in detail and facts compared to others but don’t let this put you off. This just reflects the company’s newer status in the archery field compared to some of the other industry giants. 


Southland Archery Supply SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

A bargain from SAS.

The SAS Rage Compound Bow is a great bow for the hunter and the bargain hunter, have a look at the detailed review here.

I hope you enjoyed this quick roundup of some of the top manufacturers and their bows and we've given you some insight into a few manufacturers you may not have heard of and  a new direction to look in when choosing your compound.

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