Diamond Infinite Edge Compound Bow Review


The Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow is a bow all parents, novice shooters and those in need of versatility should take note of. In case you haven’t already noticed, this bow has a reputation for its incredible adaptability. Anyone who is growing in size and strength, or just learning the ropes, can benefit from this bow. Nearly every feature of this bow can change in huge ways to perfectly suit your body. Not only that, but once you reach this bow’s max potential, you can hunt most big game species effectively. 

9 /10
Very Versatile!

Diamond by Bowtech Infinite Edge RH 5-70# 13-30' Mossy Oak Pink Camo with Package


Are you looking for a bow that is incapable of adapting, changing, or fitting your needs? I certainly doubt it. We all want and appreciate a bow that fits our individual nature. The more customizable the better in my opinion. One company that has made a name for itself by releasing the most customizable bows is Diamond. Their Diamond Infinite Edge compound bow is an absolute jaw dropper and shows just how much adjustability a bow can have.


Riser 4/5
Grip 4/5
Cam System 5/5
Limbs 5/5
Styling 4/5
Shooting 4/5


  • Adaptability
  • Versatility
  • Adaptability
  • Versatility
  • and.... Adaptability!


  • Squared Grip

Features / Specifications

Draw weight range (lbs):

5 - 70

Draw length (min-max):

13 - 30

Weight (lbs):


ATA Length (inches):


Brace Height (inches):


IBO Speed Rating (fps):




Let Off:


Price Range:



Available for both LH and RH


Non-transferable lifetime (Diamond Archery)


Ike's Outdoors review the Diamond Infinite Edge.

In-Depth Review


The riser of the Diamond Infinite Edge could be considered pretty commonplace. It is a solid one piece aluminum design. Risers like this should last for years and make a pretty utilitarian component. However, many archers feel aluminum does tend to get colder than other materials like carbon, but are more cost effective (Archerytalk). One nice thing about the riser of the Infinite Edge is it’s size. Overall the small nature and skeletonized design make this bow a light one. Light bows are great for hauling around the woods, and for young shooters to hold steady.

In terms of accessories, this riser will accommodate all the accessories you would expect. It has all the mounting brackets for your quivers, sights, rests, and stabilizers. Having the option to customize the bow means you should be able to transition gear on your current bow to the Knight.


Like the riser, the grip on this bow is functional, but not over-the-top. While it is certainly not worth turning down this bow for, it has a reputation as being a little square. Grips that are more square tend to be a bit more uncomfortable to shoot. Although this grip leans toward square, it shouldn’t be enough to detract anyone interested in it. It is designed to accommodate both hands of shooters of all sizes.

If you find the grip uncomfortable there are actually aftermarket grips available. While they are not a necessity, they could improve the feel of the bow. It might be an investment worth making for the long run.

Cam System

Here is where the fun begins with this Diamond bow. This bow uses two cams that are highly adjustable. Engineers needed to use two cams, because in order to get the range of draw weight and length on this bow it simply had to be a dual cam bow. These impressive cams allow you to change the draw length from 13”-30” without a bowpress. However, you will need to reference the manual in order to find the module on the cam that corresponds to your draw length.

The great part about being able to adjust this bow without a bowpress is that it allows you to tinker with it as you need. While adult archers won’t likely benefit from the adjustable draw length, growing shooters certainly will. If you were to buy a 6 year old this bow, it is likely they could shoot it even past their 16th birthday. Along the way you would simply have to adjust the draw weights to accommodate them growing.


In addition to the customisable cams, this bow features highly adaptable limbs as well. Though their solid limb design is nothing special, their secret is in the pivoting limb pockets. With a simple hex wrench you can tighten down, or let out the limb bolts (Diamond Archery). Like the adjustable cams, this gives you the ability to fine tune the poundage to suit your needs.

Personally, I find this feature the most appealing for all shooters. While young archers can benefit from the adjusting draw length, people of all ages can take advantage of adjustable poundage. Shooting a bow requires you to engage muscles you don’t normally use. As you shoot more those muscles should begin to build strength, making your bow easier to shoot. With a few simple twists of a limb bolt, your bow weight can increase as you need it to.

On a side note, the adjustability comes with a little more shooter responsibility. Moving your bow components around is great, but you have to make sure it is done correctly. When adjusting the limb bolts for example, it is important to they remain equally tightened on both limbs (Diamond Archery). A good way to keep them consistent is to start with them completely tightened, and then alternately backing out each bolt one complete turn at a time.


In the style department the Infinite Edge does pretty well. It comes in a few color options with camouflage available. It looks fairly stylish with it’s skeletonized design, but likely won’t be a runway model anytime soon. Again, the folks at Diamond invested most of their energy into the function and adaptability of this bow, not the looks. The Diamond logo is printed on the limbs but it is not over branded.


The final department of this bow to tear into is the shoot-ability of the bow. In this department it performs very well. The shot really starts with the draw, and the gentle design of the cams make the draw cycle comfortable. It is especially important that this bow has a smooth draw because most of the shooters will be young or inexperienced archers. While an old grizzled veteran archer may not balk at a hard drawing, hard hitting bow, a bow that is not fun to pull could certainly could dissuade a newbie.

While at full draw the bow has a 75% let off which could be considered a little less than average. Most bows today range from 75% to 85% let off (Lancaster Archery). More let off makes the bow easier to hold, so the 75% is adequate but not spectacular. To be sure, it is enough to give a fledgling archer an enjoyable first shot. This bow also has a solid back wall. Having a solid back wall improves stability and improves accuracy.

Also in the shooting department is the question of accuracy. The Infinite Edge is a bow that most archers will not outshoot. In other words, if you are not getting the accuracy you want from the bow, you may need to spend some time at a range working on your technique rather than blaming the bow. It may not be a top-tier bow in terms of performance, but we are not all top tier archers in terms of skill. This bow is more than adequate enough for the average and above average shooter in all respects.

In terms of noise, this bow is pretty average. It doesn’t come equipped with any string silencers, which should be considered a must purchase. Without them the bow is pretty quiet, but adding them could certainly help with any extra noise.

"How does it compare?"

Bowtech Carbon Knight

The Bowtech Carbon Knight is a great bow for the advanced archer. It has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end bow. One design feature that really stands out on this bow is the carbon riser and carbon infused limbs. Many bow manufacturers are producing a carbon lineup since carbon is so light and durable. Carbon will also not get nearly as cold in the hand on a cold December hunt as an aluminum riser will. It also whistles arrows downrange at 335 fps. That’s pretty fast no matter who you ask. If you are a serious archer and bowhunter, the Carbon Knight might the bow for you. Our full review.

Bowtech Carbon Knight 70# RH Mossy Oak Infinity Camo R.A.K.

Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

This is the next generation version of the Infinite Edge. It has a few changes, though not many. One difference is the extra .5” ATA measurement. Longer ATA measurements generally signal more forgiving bows, so the Pro may have a slight leg up in this department. It also has the ability to go to a 31” draw length rather than the 30” of the standard Edge and an 80% let-off. Other than that they are very similar bows. Read more.

Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package

SAS Siege

The next option we’ll take a look at is the SAS Siege. The Siege is a sort of middle of the road bow, with great affordability, some adjustability, and average performance. It allows shooters to adjust their draw weight from 40-55 pounds, which is adequate for animals deer size and smaller. One big advantage this bow has over the Edge is a longer ATA. The Siege is nearly a full foot longer with an ATA measurement of 41.5”. Again, longer ATA measurements generally signify more forgiving bows, so this might be a good option for a shooter who can handle the 40 pound draw weight.

Siege SAS 55 lb 29'' Compound Bow w/ 5-Spot Paper Target

Genesis Original

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the Carbon Knight is the Genesis Original. This bow is so ultra simple it is hard to overstate. This bow is very affordable and was designed to give youth their first taste of archery. It has some adjustability, with draw weights ranging from 10 to 20 pounds. Essentially, the folks at Genesis wanted to get a functional bow into the hands of kids. This bow suits that purpose to a T, but cannot grow with the archer nearly as much. On the other hand, this is the most affordable bow in this entire review.

Genesis Original Bow

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About the Manufacturer

Diamond Archery are actually a division of Bowtech are a company on a mission to provide the most advanced and innovative archery products and couple that with outstanding customer service. Their HQ is in Orgeon where they employ over 300 people. All their bows are made in America with pride.

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