SAS Siege Compound Bow Review

For the archer on a budget, the SAS Siege is a value hard to beat. It is an excellent intersection between quality and accessibility perfect for a beginner or even an experienced hunter looking to get into archery.

Quickly Select – A Compound Bow Comparison Table

Compound Bow Comparison Tables

Here it is. A useful comparison table listing all the compound bows we’re reviewed and some we haven’t. Clicking the little arrows in the column headers below will allow you to sort this table by any specification you want. Fastest on top? Highest let-off? Lightest? Just click the arrow in the relevant column and you can … Read more

Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow Review

A fantastic bow that serious shooters with love to tinker with. Blinding speeds and highly tunable.

Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow Review

A bow designed for hunters looking to take things to the next level. Light and with negligible hand-shock and noise.

Diamond Edge SB-1 Compound Bow Review

A solid mid-level bow with fantastic draw and weight and draw length adjustments. Comfortable draw and binary cams.

Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow Review

A true flagship bow in terms of performance, technology, and style. Few bows will outshoot the 343fps and quietness of the Prodigy.

What’s the Best Starter Compound Bow?

What's the best starter compound bow?

Compounds are popular with both hunters and target shooters for their power and let-off. There’s a lot of choice out there. We’re going to narrow things down a little for you.

What’s the Best Crossbow for Women?

More and more women are taking up hunting and target shooting. If you want the best which crossbow should you pick?

Bear Wild Compound Bow Review

A great choice if you’re looking to hit the hunting woods. Not the highest performance but more than adequate. We’ve got the lowdown on the Bear Wild.

Bear Attitude Compound Bow Review

All the attributes you need to be competitive in 3-D tournaments or put meat in the freezer. A solid bow for a reasonable price.