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Our Mission: Targetcrazy.com aims to be the top resource for news, tips, guides and information relating to any and all target shooting sports.

We source our content from a team of contributors with an eclectic​ mix of backgrounds to provide you with insight and guidance on topics and issues relating to the sports we cover. Here’s a little about those guys….

Christian Monson Bowhunting


Hunter / Archery and Outdoorsman Writer

I’m an avid hunter, archer and outdoorsman. I was born and raised in the Ozarks and have been shooting bows since I was a kid. My grandma taught me the tricks of the hunting trade.

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Outdoorsman and Hunter

I’m a keen archer and hunting enthusiast. My grandfather taught me to hunt in the wilds of Minnesota and Wisconsin. I used to bow hunt with him on his farm and grew up deer hunting and fishing.

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Archery & Target Sports Enthusiast

Hi there! I’m a passionate bowman and a fan of all target sports in general. You’ll often find me at my local archery and shooting ranges honing my skills.

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