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Welcome to our resources section. All these articles are here to help educate and pass on knowledge. 

There should be something for everyone! From a basic introduction to the sport and it’s disciplines and styles, through to the fine details on different types of bows, and all the arrows and their many tips and what you use them for.  Looking for an association in your state? We’ve got you covered with this exhaustive list…  

Do you know your crossbow basics? Your compound basics?
What’s better a recurve or longbow? A compound or a recurve? Want to know which is best at what when it comes to the crossbow vs the compound bow?

Talking of bows, don’t miss our buyers guides on the best of the best recurve, compound and crossbows!

We’ve covered worldwide competitions, slang, tips on choosing draw weight, draw length, bow size, handedness and eye dominance. There’s also a large guide to shooting technique which covers everything from your hand grip to the mental aspects of shooting a bow.

Have a browse and let us know if there’s anything you think we’re missing.

How to Sight in a Crossbow Scope!

crossbow scope and target

There are three different types of crossbow scopes that are the most commonly used for crossbow hunting. They are multi-point reticle, red dot, and variable power scopes. The sight-in process for each of the different types are extremely similar, however, there are just a few variances that occur in the process for the different scopes.

Useful Archery Links

We’ve compiled a collection of useful resources and links for you. These range from the bodies and organization that govern archery all the way down to blogs and related sites we’ve come across that we like and think you might like too….