Do you know your Archery Slang?

Yep, there's even archery slang! Nowadays everything has it’s own language, you may encounter some of these terms whilst watching competitive archery or down the local archery club. This is a list of what they are and what (we think) they mean!




An arrow that lands in the gold of a target face but not in the inner gold ring.


An arrow striking the black scoring area of a target face.


An arrow striking the blue scoring area of a target face.


Some archers call their arrows or bolts bullets


An arrow in the inner red scoring area of a target face.


A bad shot.

Fat Shafter

Refers to a large diameter arrow used in target archery to maximise the archers chance of hitting a higher scoring ring.


Has many slang uses, normally a bad shot


When an arrow is deflected into a lower scoring zone by another arrow embedded in the target from a previous shot.

Line Cutter

Same as Fat Shafting


An arrow striking the non scoring area (usually white) of a target


The act of aiming, anchoring then dropping the bow and anchor to look at the target again.


An incorrect string release where the hand does not follow-through correctly behind the neck.

Prince's Reckoning

The act of getting your arrows called and scored, comes from the olden days of archery when a prince was involved in scoring.


Refers to an archer’s setup, bow, arrows, sight, etc.

Robin Hood

When you shoot one arrow and it splits and arrow already embedded in the target.


An arrow hitting the scoring white area of a target face.



Struggle Stick

Someone who is struggling to draw their bow because the draw weight is too high.


Slang for traditional archery


An arrow in the outer red scoring area of a target face.


An arrow on a target that strikes the line dividing a target zone but is mostly off the line.

William Tell

Shooting an apple of someone's head.

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