Global and US Archery Associations and Organizations

Are you looking for other like-minded archers? Maybe a coach? Some local, state or national events or tournaments? We’ve compiled a list of all the archery associations we could find at both global, national level and for all 50 US states and you’ll find it here.

How to Shoot With Proper Archery Form

Tips and tricks to help you get the best from shooting your bow with proper archery form. From stance to follow-through all the steps explained.

When do Bowsights Work Best (and Worst)?

If you’re taking a Hunter Safety course, you might well be faced with this question. There’s a quick answer and there are some things you should know.

Longbow vs Recurve – Which is Best and Why?

If you aren’t sure of the differences between a traditional longbow vs a recurve we outline facts, what each is best used for, by whom, and for what reason!

Compound vs Recurve – Which is Best and Why?

Compound vs Recurve

Deciding on your first bow, your next bow? Want to join a club? Ready to hunt? Writing a project? Just plain curious???

Useful Crossbow Basics for Hunters and Target Shooters

What’s best? Recurve, compound or pistol? What’s the power stroke, what’s fpke mean? What accessories do you need?

Basics : A Guide to Compound Bows

Let-off, back wall, cam types, draw weights, IBO speeds, Axle to Axle, efficiency… confused? Let us explain.

How to identify the parts of a compound bow!

An illustrated breakdown of a modern compound bow detailing all the different parts and what they do. Fundamental knowledge!

How do you convert ATA to ASTM arrow spine measurements?

Choosing the ideal arrow is a common problem for any archer. The length of the arrow depends on your physical size, your flexibility, and your technique. The correct arrow spine can depend on the draw weight of the bow (at full draw), and also the bow type. An arrow with the correct spine rating and length will … Read more

Useful Archery Links

We’ve compiled a collection of useful resources and links for you. These range from the bodies and organization that govern archery all the way down to blogs and related sites we’ve come across that we like and think you might like too….