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Bow Practice – With or Without a Bow

An outdoor archery practice range

Archery is a sport that requires proper technique and form in order for participants to get the most out of their practice. Whether you’re a beginner to the sport or looking to take your skills to the next level, it essentially goes without saying that consistent training is the best way for you to improve your shot.

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Deer Hunting

Whitetail to Elk, beginner to expert…

There’s something useful in here for everyone.

Learning and Inspiration

8 Best Places to Hunt for Shed Antlers

A shed deer antler in the snow

Believe it or not, a deer’s head is not the only place you can find antlers. Since they shed every year, many people have started taking to the woods to look for this wonder of nature that has inspired us for thousands of years. If you’d like to start hunting for shed antlers, there are eight main places you should look as well as some tips and tricks to follow to increase your chances of success.

How to Field Dress a Deer (Step by Step)

A deer hunter holding a knife prepares to skin, dress and process a deer

It’s essential to field dress your deer as soon as you’ve killed it. This process involves removing the internal organs of the animal in order to preserve the meat and keep it until you can get it home or to a processor. This can seem intimidating at first, but if you follow these tips and 15 detailed steps, you’ll find it’s a simple and fun part of the hunt that helps you get the most out of your kill.

Hideaway in the Best Ground Blind for Bowhunting

Imagine relaxing into your sofa after a hard week. You have a drink in the cupholder, and you’re nice and warm. You get out a book you’ve been meaning to finish or catch up on college football since you couldn’t watch the games last Saturday.

Now imagine you get to be hunting at the same time. That’s the benefit ground blinds bring to the table.

‘Hook-a-Buck’ with the Best Deer Attractant

If you’ve been overlooking deer attractant or maybe not putting much thought into it, consider taking a more strategic approach.

Just like any animal, food is a big motivator for deer. The hunter’s market is filled with endless options for baiting deer so you can find that perfect attractant that just drives the whitetails where you hunt crazy.

Bugles to Barks – Elk Sounds and What They Mean

When it comes to sounds, few animals can compete with the majesty of the elk. Whether you want to learn the elk language so you can call them on the hunt, or you just want to get more acquainted with the beauty of elk calls, it’s a complex and nuanced topic. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all the different sounds, which elk make them and why. It’s a rewarding subject.

Listen Up! – The Best Deer Calls

Before you get a call, take a look at what each one has to offer. Different designs and technologies, even different cases have their advantages and disadvantages, and you want the call that’s going to lure in the deer you want in the place where you’re hunting. There are a lot of options when it comes to calls, but there are a few that really stand out.

Gear Reviews and Round-ups

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Turkey Hunting

Wild turkey hunting…

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Gear Reviews and Roundups