What’s the Best Hang On Tree Stand in 2021?

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The name itself seems inspiring. A hang-on tree stand. Sometimes stand hunting can really feel that way. You get bored, hungry or uncomfortable in your tree, but if you can just hang on a little more, your trophy buck might be right around the corner. Hang-on stands combine stability with portability to maximize convenience, so the hunt will be that much easier.

Tree stands can be a touchy subject in the hunting world. What kind is better is a never ending debate. But the intensity of this debate makes one thing clear: it’s important to find the stand for you. Our top pick hang-on tree stands all stand out in some way. We’ll fill you in on what you need to look for in a stand, and then you can decide which one is best for your personal style and situation.

The Best Hang On Tree Stand – Our Picks

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Hang On Tree Stand Reviews

Millennium M150 Monster

Millennium is a brand that prides itself on quality. The M150 Monster is one of their newer models, and they’ve made a lot of innovations that really make this an ideal stand.

Millenium M150 Monster
Millenium M150 Monster

Maybe the best thing about the M150 Monster is the seat. For one thing, it’s comfortable. The mesh seat stretches to hold your weight while still maintaining rigidity. It’s ergonomically shaped  as well, and it can be adjusted for your height. More importantly, though, you can adjust the height of the seat and flip it up to take standing shots. For a bowhunter, the benefit of this cannot be overstated. Space in tree stands can be hard to come by, but the M150 maximizes it.

In addition to the seat, the platform also gives you more room. It’s 24” wide and 37” deep. That extra depth allows for wide stances, especially with the seat flipped up. The platform is also wider than others in the back, so you can more easily place your feet. It even has a foot rest.

Made of aluminum assembly, the Millennium M150 Monster is light but durable. The expertly welded frame keeps it stable against the tree. The straps are secure. One of the most impressive innovations Millennium has added is the ability to level the platform. A metal adjuster can be extended or retracted against the tree to change the angle of the platform. You can adjust it however you want to get the best and most accurate shot.

What we liked:

  • Flip-up seat
  • Long platform
  • Adjustable
  • Platform can be leveled
  • Comfortable
  • Foot-rest
  • Durable

What we didn’t:

  • None!

Hawk Mega Combat

The Hawk Mega Combat tree stand is extremely stable and wobble-free. The Tree Digger teeth on the back of the stand dig directly into the bark of the tree to create a solid anchor point that prevents any wobble. Feel safe and secure in the Hawk Mega Combat tree stand. 

This tree stand is designed for heavier hunters who find other stands to be a little too flimsy for their build. Not only is this stand the most stable and secure, but it is also extremely comfortable for long days sitting in the stand.

The flip-up seat features a four-layer design with a weather-resistant top layer that covers a layer of ultra-comfortable memory foam. Adjust the angle of the 16” x 10” seat to customize your comfort. The entire structure weighs only 17-pounds and it contains a platform that measures 24” x 30”. 

Rest at ease knowing that installation of, and occupation of this stand is ultra-quiet with its overmolded attachment hooks, rubber washers, and an oversized-grip, mesh, one-piece noise-free, hunting platform.

What we liked:

  • The design and construction of this tree stand allows ultra-quiet installation and use.
  • Large platform measuring 24” x 30”.
  • Ultra-comfortable memory foam seat that flips up to create more room for standing shots.
  • A solid, secure foundation that is wobble-free.
  • Contains Tree Digger teeth to grip into the bark of a tree.

What we didn’t:

  • Much more expensive compared to other brands and models.

Buyers guide

Will it be comfortable to spend hours in?

Most hunters are tough, but all day in an uncomfortable tree stand can wear anyone down. Take a look at the material of the seat as well as its shape to make sure you’re not going to end up with a sore lower back after your hunt. You might also consider the size of the stand. Smaller stands can be more cramped, especially if you’re a larger person. Some stands have adjustable seats for people of different heights.

How big and heavy is it?

Hang-on tree stands fall right into the middle ground of portability versus stability. That makes them really versatile. If you’re planning to move your stand a lot, the weight and size are important factors. Besides just being a pain on your shoulders to carry in and out of the woods, large stands can make a lot of noise banging against things while you’re walking.

What safety features are included?

Make sure you aren’t taking any unnecessary risks with your tree stand. You should always wear a harness when using a stand, and many manufacturers include one with their products. Some brands go to extra measures to ensure their stands are safe for their hunters. These include special design features to prevent the stand from falling and quality-engineered parts to connect the stand to the tree. Pay attention to these when choosing your stand.

Is it quiet?

A tree stand is useless if you can’t move around on it without alerting every deer in the area to your presence. A good tree stand must be designed to deaden sound when your feet hit the platform, or even if a piece of your gear knocks against the frame. Don’t forget about carrying it, either. Some stands are better than others when it comes to avoiding unnecessary noise on the walk in.

Can you easily take standing shots?

A great thing about a lot of hang-on tree stands is that they have flip-up seats. This really opens up the stand for a standing shot, which is crucial for bowhunters. Hang-on stands also vary widely in their platform sizes. A larger platform will be more ideal for standing shots because it will give you more space for your stance.

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