Bugles to Barks – Elk Sounds and What They Mean

When it comes to sounds, few animals can compete with the majesty of the elk. Whether you want to learn the elk language so you can call them on the hunt, or you just want to get more acquainted with the beauty of elk calls, it’s a complex and nuanced topic. Take the time to familiarize yourself with all the different sounds, which elk make them and why. It’s a rewarding subject.

Para and Paralympic Archery – Open to Anyone

A cartoon drawing of a wheelchair bound archer and an archer without arms

Have you ever thought about making archery even harder than it already is? What if you drew and released with your mouth? If you shot sitting down? What if you couldn’t see?

High-Vis Arrows with the Best Lighted Nocks

Futuristic technology or not, they’re an invention worth incorporating into the hunt. The current generation of lighted nocks have been engineered to fly right, resist the elements and shine bright. Don’t just buy any old nock, though.

Stay Sharp with the Best Broadhead Sharpener

A slightly rusty, blunt, vintage broadhead

When you’re out hunting, it pays to stay sharp. And not just mentally. Razor-sharp broadheads significantly increase your chances of success.

The Best Climbing Sticks – Easy Up

View up to a tree-stand with climbing sticks

There are so many things to worry about when you’re hunting. Climbing into your tree stand shouldn’t be one of them. The right product can have you scurrying up that tree like an animal all while keeping you safe and secure.

The Best Safety, Bow, Turkey and Upland Hunting Vests

Male hunter in high vis vest, camouflage, standing in a snowy winter forest.

If you want to round out your wardrobe this hunting season, you’ll need a vest. Depending on what you’re going to hunt and with what, that could mean one of many different things. To make it easy on you, we’ve scoured the market for the best in all these categories.

Best Hunting Hats, Facemasks and Headcovers

Bowhunter wearing camo skull cap at full draw

Hats and other headgear can make big differences in a lot of different aspects of hunting. They come into play with everything from warmth to scent control. If you’ve never put much thought into what you’re putting on your head, read through our guide to see what you need and why.

The Best Bowhunting Gloves, Warm and In-Touch

3 pairs of bowhunting gloves

The German word for gloves is “handschuhe” which literally means “hand shoes.” When you think about it, isn’t that exactly what they are? Your hands are involved in almost every aspect of the hunt, from climbing into your tree stand to taking a shot.

“Fake it” with one of the Best Deer Decoys

A female deer (or a decoy?) in silhouette in front of a lake

You might think that picking out a decoy just comes down to finding one that looks like a real deer, but there’s actually a lot more to it than that. There are different types and strategies you should familiarize yourself with before you invest.

Eliminate Your Smell with the Best Scent Killers

A white-tailed deer sniffing the air

If you’ve never given scent control a try, you might want to consider it this season. You can read over the facts and science to see why. Once you’re convinced, look at our list of top five products.