Crossbow Comparison Table

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Here it is. A useful comparison table listing all the crowwbows we’re reviewed and some we haven’t.

If you’re on a mobile device or tablet this table will seem very big, but it is scrollable, just swipe across to see the columns hidden to the right. You should also be able to sort the data by clicking on the little arrow in the column headers.

*The links to check prices in the table below will take you to Amazon/Cabelas or Ebay (depending on the best place to get hold of one!) and the links on the bow name will take you to our detailed review page (if there is one).

CrossbowAwardPrice Range *TypeSpeed(fps)DrawWeight(lbs)PowerStroke (inches)BowMass(lbs)Width(inches)Length(inches)Warranty
Ten Point NitroHigh – Check PriceCompound47022516.57.47 (cocked)30.75 yr
Barnett Ghost 410High – Check PriceCompound41018515.3757.32036.55 yr
Wicked Ridge Invader 400Best BuyMed – Check PriceCompound40018513.561535.5Limited Lifetime
Ten Point ShadowMed/High – Check PriceCompound38020012.276.5 (cocked)32.25 yr
CenterPoint Sniper Elite WhisperBest BuyLow/Med – Check PriceCompound37018013.57.91835.55 yr
CenterPoint Sniper 370
Best Buy
​Low/Med – Check PriceCompound37018513.57.721.5365 yr
Barnett Whitetail Hunter IILow/Med – Check PriceCompound35015012.56.416.12534.255 yr
PSE Fang 350 XTLow/Med – Check PriceCompound35016514.26.2519.233.6Lifetime
SAS AuthorityLow – Check PriceCompound340 17512.56.719343 yr
Barnett Quad EdgeLow/Med – Check PriceCompound34015014.6256.921365 yr
Barnett Whitetail HunterMed – Check PriceCompound34016016.1256.218.2534.255 yr
Barnett RecruitLow – Check PriceCompound330130 12.5 6.4 18.25 34.25 5 yr
Parker ThunderhawkMed – Check PriceCompound32516011.56.920.2534.25Lifetime
Barnett JackalLow – Check PriceCompound315150127.726.535.55 yr
SAS Jaguar 175Low – Check PriceRecurve245175127.827353 yr
SA Sports Fever​Low – Check PriceRecurve24017510.25 4.827311 yr
Best Buy
Low – Check PriceRecurve Pistol165805
CobraLow – Check PriceRecurve Pistol165805
RogueLow – Check PriceRecurve Pistol160805

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