Dude those archery trick shots are amazing….!

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Once again the guys from Dude Perfect, who seem to have a lot of fun, give us a great compilation of archery trick shots. Using a combination of recurve and compound bows there are about 10-15 tricks in this YouTube video. Some aren’t the greatest feats of archery you’ll ever see, nothing like the Byron or Lars archery videos but they’re pretty good and must have taken more than a few takes to get right.

What’s in the Video?

Basketball rope trick – A longshot splitting a rope holding a basketball over a hoop.

Pendulum – Hitting a swinging pendulum target.

The William Tell – If you didn’t know, this is shooting an apple off someone’s head!

Clout Dunk – A basketball arrow dunked at distance. Pretty similar to an accurate clout archery shot, but with a heavy arrow.

Lit Cande – A shot that puts out a lit candle.

Archery  Skeet Shoot Off – The Dude Perfect skeet archery shoot off has several rounds, this looks like a fun one to try.

Bank Shot – Shooting an arrow through a tube, round a corner and hitting a target.

Underwater Pin Smasher – How accurate can you be shooting into the pool?

Thrown Ring – Shooting a target at the same time as a ring is passing over it is all about timing!

Balloon Buster – One for a kids party, shooting a line of 5 balloons and bursting them all.

Drive By – Drive by archery.

Longshot – A 300 yard target shot. I wonder how many takes this one took!

Wait, there’s more!!!

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