Recurve Bow Comparison Chart

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Here it is. A useful comparison table listing all the recurve bows we’re reviewed and some we haven’t.

If you’re on a mobile device or tablet this table will seem very big, but it is scrollable, just swipe across to see the columns hidden to the right. You should also be able to sort the data by clicking on the little arrow in the column headers.

*The links to check prices in the table below will take you to Amazon/Cabelas or Ebay (depending on the best place to get hold of one!) and the links on the bow name will take you to our detailed review page (if there is one).

Recurve BowAwardPrice RangeHandsBow
Weight (lbs)
AMO Length (inches)Riser FinishMin Draw (lbs)Max Draw (lbs)Takedown
Southwest Spyder
Best Buy
Low – Check Price L&R 2.3 62, 64 (XL) Wood 2060Yes
Samick Sage
Best Buy
Low – Check Price L&R3.462Wood 25 60Yes (tool free)
Warden (Cabelas)Low – Check PriceL&R2.462Walnut, white oak, hard maple and garin4050Yes
Southwest TigersharkLow – Check Price L&R362Satinwood2560Yes
Samick JourneyLow – Check Price L&R 3.4 64Wood 30 60 Yes (tool free)
Bear GrizzlyLow/Med – Check PriceL&R 3.5 58 Wood 30 60 No
TopArchery RecurveVery Low – Check Price Either1.953Wood3050No
Martin SaberLow – Check PriceR 3.5 64 Metal 29 55 Yes
SAS ExplorerVery Low – Check Price R2.466Aluminium2234Yes (Tool free)
SAS SpiritVery Low – Check Price L&R2.562Chuglam, Gmelina Arborea, Beech1836Yes (Tool free)
SAS CourageLow – Check PriceL&R3 60 Wood 3560Yes
Martin JaguarLow – Check PriceR2.6 60 Metal 29 55 Yes
SAS SpiritLow – Check PriceR362, 66Wood2636Yes (tool free)
PSE RazorbackLow – Check PriceL&R 2.5 62Wood 20 35 Yes (tool free)
SAS ExplorerLow – Check PriceR2.466Aluminium2234Yes (tool free)
SinoArtVery Low – Check PriceL&R2.668Wood1836Yes (tool free)
Keshes Hunting Bow
Low – Check Price
L&R362Wood1555Yes (tool free)
Junxing CompetitionLow – Check PriceR2.668Wood2432Yes (tool free)
Bear BullseyeLow – Check PriceR2.148,54,62Wood2529Yes (tool free)

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1 thought on “Recurve Bow Comparison Chart”

  1. I have a 1997 Hoyt Tenacity with Super G limbs and that bow still throws arrows fast enough. But as for my recurve it’s a Martin Mamba 58” 50# one piece bow and for a recurve it really launches it’s arrows fast and very accurately, plus the near weightlessness of it makes it really easy to aim instinctively, and throw a second arrow without much time. Love both my bows even though been considering an upgrade for the Hoyt.


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