Bear Cruzer vs Diamond Infinite Edge : Bows Compared

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Two of the most adjustable and versatile compound bows on the market, ideal for beginners, children, and experienced archers alike, we pit the different versions of the Bear Cruzer against the Diamond Infinite Edge and Pro to see which comes out on top.

Cruzer vs Infinite Edge – Features/Specifications

There’s 2 iterations of the Diamond Infinite bow on the market the Infinite Edge and the Infinite Edge Pro. Where the Bear is concerned you can find 3, a G2, RTH and Lite. We’ve dug up the specs on all 5 of these different bow packages and outlined them all for you below.

The ‘best’ of each particular specification is highlighted.​

Diamond Infinite Edge Diamond InfiniteEdge Pro

Bear Cruzer G2

Bear Cruzer RTH

Bear Cruzer Lite

IBO Speed (fps) 310 310


310 290
Let-Off (%): 75


70 75 70
ATA Length (inches): 31 31 30


27 1/8
Min Draw (inches): 13 13 12 12 12
Max Draw (inches): 30


30 30 27
Brace Height (inches): 7 7 6.5 6.5 6
Min Draw Weight (lbs): 5 5 5 5 5
Max Draw Weight (lbs): 70 70 70 70 45
Bow Mass (lbs): 3.1 3.2



Price Range: Low/Med Low/Med Low/Med Low/Med


Price: Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

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Riser Material:

 – Aluminium – 


 – L&R – 

Skins: Black,Mossy Oak,Pink Shadow Black, AP Blue, AP Orange, AP Pink, AP Purple

Non-transferable Lifetime

Non-transferable Lifetime

Looking at the specs table above you can see that the Diamond Pro has the highest let off and the highest maximum draw. Its adjustable draw length is the widest, from 13″ to 31″. On the other hand. the Cruzer G2 comes top with the highest IBO speed, and is the lightest of the 5.

Warranties on these bows are comparable, both being limited lifetime warranties that are only appliable to the original owner of the bow. The limitations of the warranty stopping at abuse, mishandling and cables / cable slides (i.e. perishables).

Bear has a greater choice of colors across the range and also a greater diversity in general with the Cruzer being available in a less expensive package for the shooter who doesn’t need the full size bow and who’s willing to sacrifice a little bit of IBO speed (although admittedly not that much) and draw weight range in the process.

Our Pick

Personally we are fans of Bear Cruzer, and Bear bows in general, the range has been tailored to specified users. If you’re that little bit more experienced, or money is no object and want the fastest, and lightest you can see that the G2 is going to be where you end up (target archers). Plus, there’s no need to use bow press because adjustments are done with an Allen wrench.

Want to save a little cash, have something a little longer and possibly more forgiving then the RTH is where you’ll sit (hunters) and finally the Lite is perfect for the smaller framed or even younger archer. That isn’t to knock the Diamond Edge however which has a couple of significant advantages over the Bear.

The Diamond has a solid back wall, the back wall being the point at which the bow will draw no further. A solid wall will stop at this point however a mushy back wall will allow some give. Some people prefer a solid wall to allow maintaining a consistent anchor point easier.

If you don’t even know what back wall is then chances are it shouldn’t concern you. Many shooters don’t learn about these things until they’ve fully outgrown their first bow. The Diamond also has a slightly higher let off and higher maximum draw over the bear. 5% of 70 lbs is only 3.5 lbs difference in effective draw weight at maximum weight and full draw.

Diamond Infinite Edge

The Diamond Infinite Edge Pro started out as the plain old Diamond Infinite Edge. When the manufacturers realised they were onto a winner they produced the second Pro iteration of the bow and added some slight improvements.

As previously mentioned the Diamond has a solid back wall which some find desirable. This bow has a skeletonized riser design to help keep weight down.

The package comes with all the usual accessories such as a quiver, sight, sling and stabilizer. The pro has an excellent cam system. You can set this bow into an ‘Infinity/Bowfishing’ mode which will allow it to operate with zero let-off.​

Some may think the grip design on the Infinite a little to on the square side, however if you’re of a mind and that is something that affects you, aftermarket grips​ are always available.

What we liked:

  • Extremely adjustable
  • Solid back wall

What we didn’t:

  • Hunters may want to add string silencers
  • Square grip

Bear Cruzer

Bear archery has a pedigree and a heritage that some archery will appreciate.

The 3 editions of the Cruzer give you an option for whichever type of shooting is your preference. The Cruzer G2 is lighter and faster than the RTH and has a more agressive design to the riser. More material has been removed to reduce the weight to make it the lightest of all the bows in this comparison.

These bows use Bears MV cam system which offers a silky smooth draw albeit with a lack of solid back wall. However, as we’ve mentioned above in the market these bows are designed for, that isn’t something many will ever need to concern themselves with.

What we liked:

  • Extremely adjustable
  • Smooth draw
  • 3 Editions for different uses
  • Large color choice range

What we didn’t:

Sill Want More Choice?

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