Quickly Select – A Compound Bow Comparison Table

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Here it is. A useful comparison table listing all the compound bows we’re reviewed and some we haven’t.

If you’re on a mobile device or tablet this table will seem very big, but it is scrollable, just swipe across to see the columns hidden to the right.

*The links to check prices in the table below will take you to Amazon and the links on the crossbow name will take you to our review page (if there is one)

Compound Bow

AwardPrice RangeIBO Speed (fps)Let-Off (%)ATA Length (inches)Min Draw (inches)Max Draw (inches)Min Draw Weight(lbs)Max Draw Weight (lbs)Bow Mass (lbs)Riser Material​Hands
Bear Escape High – Check Price350753225.53045704AluminiumL&R
Bowtech BT-X High3508031273140804.2AluminiumL&R
Bowtech ProdigyHigh – Check Price34380322530.550704.2AluminiumL&R
Bowtech Carbon KnightMed – Check Price335803126.530.550703.2CarbonL&R
PSE Brute ForceMed – Check Price3328031.25253130704.2AluminiumL&R
Diamond Deploy SBMed/High – Check Price3308031.52630.5.50703.2CarbonL&R
Diamond Edge SB-1Med – Check Price318803115307703.6AluminiumL&R
Bear Authority Low/Med – Check Price315803124.531.530704AluminiumL&R
Bear Cruzer G2 Med – Check Price315703012305703AluminiumL&R
Diamond Infinite EdgeLow/Med – Check Price310753113305703.1AluminiumL&R
Bear Wild Low/Med – Check Price3108032.25243150704AluminiumL&R
Diamond Infinite Edge Pro
Best Buy
Low/Med – Check Price310803113315703.2AluminiumL&R
Bear Cruzer RTH Med – Check Price310753212305703.6AluminiumL&R
Bear Attitude Low/Med – Check Price3108031253240703.7AluminiumL&R
Bear Cruzer Lite Low/Med – Check Price2907027 1/812275453.2AluminiumL&R
SAS RageLow – No products found.2707035263055704.4AluminiumR
SAS SiegeLow – Check Price2067041.5292940554AluminiumR

The Columns Explained

In case you don’t know, or need a reminder here’s a very quick explanation of what the contents of each column mean.


If we like a particular bow enough we’ll give it a little award. We generally reserve these for those bows we think are the best for a particular use or are just stand-out in general.

Price Range

Prices fluctuate. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t usually list them. You can be pretty confident however in price ranges.

For each bow we see we list the price range. This can be any of the following levels as a guide:

  • High – Top spec kit, high end manufacture and high prices to match
  • Med – Mid market prices and mid market kit, good enough for most of us!
  • Low – Affordable entry level and budget bows

IBO Speed (fps)

There’s a standard measurement that manufacturers use called IBO speed. This tells you how fast one bow is compared to another.

IBO Speed is the speed of a 350-grain arrow released from a 70-pound bow with a 30-inch draw length through a certified chronograph, measured in feet per second (fps).

It doesn’t tell you how fast your bow will actually shoot an arrow. That’s determined by lots of factors including the length / weight / tip and fletching of the particular arrow you use. So use this figure as a power comparison with other bows, don’t expect to automatically achieve those advertised speeds.

Let-Off (%)

If you don’t know what let-off is, take a look back at our guide, this column lists the percentage let-off you can expect from this bow as a percentage.

ATA Length (inches)

The length in inches from the top cam to the bottom cam of a particular bow.

ATA Length and Brace Height
(A) ATA Length, (B) Brace Height

Min/Max Draw (inches)

Know your draw length? Compounds are usually adjustable and can be adjusted to suit a range of draw lengths. These columns list the minimum and maximum lengths in inches that a  bow supports.

Min/Max Draw Weight (lbs)

Draw weights on compounds bows can also be adjusted to suit a range of users and uses. These columns list the minimum and maximum draw weights in pounds that a bow is available in or can support.

Bow Mass – How Heavy is it?

Carbon is lighter than aluminium. A nicer carry for a long hike. Some aluminium bows are also pretty light nowadays. The weight of something you’re going to hold outstretched for any length of time matters.


If you know which handedness of bow you need you then need to know if the bow you’re looking at comes in a left handed and a right handed variant because some are only made and sold for right handers.

Deeper Comparisons

If you need a little more detail, we’ve gone into some depth with all the different editions of the Bear Cruzer vs the Diamond Infinite Edge with a full in-depth on these two bows.

Useful Info?

Hopefully you’ve found this useful. Sometimes tracking down all this information is time consuming so we did it for you!

If there’s anything you’d like us to add or you think would be useful, please let us know in the comments section!

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