5 of the Best Long Range Rangefinders Reviewed

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Long range for a target shooter or hunter is anywhere over 500 yards, and 1000 yards is a pretty long shot by most standards. In this review you’ll find a selection of the best long range rangefinders that are capable of ranging a target upto (and over) 1000 yards. We’ve given them a thorough once over and have the info you need to make an informed choice.

Long Range Rangefinder Picks

  • Sig Sauer Kilo 2200– “Does everything bigger and more expensive competitors do for around a third of the price. 7x25mm optics, weighs 7.7oz, 3400 yard max range, deer @ 1200 yards.”
  • Fnova– “Simple to operate and can also measure speed. 7x.22mm optics, weights 8.3oz, 1000 yard max range.”
  • Unieye– “Not the lightest of the bunch, but good at long distances and light on the pocket. 8x24mm optics, weighs 11.2oz, 1600 yard max range, deer @ 800 yards.”
  • Vortex Ranger 1300 – “6x22mm optics, weighs 7.7oz, 1300 yard max range, deer @ 650 yards.”
  • Bushnell Scout– “Bushnell quality, angle compensated, 6x21mm optics, weighs 6.6oz, 1000 yard max range, deer @ 325 yards.”
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Bullets drop, how much they drop depends on how far they’re going to travel.

When you want to be accurate at any decent range with any sort of projectile weapon what you really need to know is ‘what IS that distance’.

That’s why rangefinders exist.

Unless your target explodes, moves, drops or splatters you’ll find it tough to see the results of long shots with even a top quality spotting scope.

Onto the reviews…

Rangefinder Reviews – Our Top Picks In Detail

Sig Sauer Kilo 2000

Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX Laser Rangefinder 7x25 mm (3,400 Yards) - for Shooting, Hunting, and Golf - Pairs with Either BDX Rifle Scope and Smartphone App via Bluetooth
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SIG Sauer is known for high-quality products. After the phenomenal family of handguns and series of long guns, they introduced SIG Optics sub-brand. It includes renowned models of riflescopes, reflex sights, and thermal reflex sights.

Following this trend, SIG Sauer has taken a serious new direction in their line of electronic Laser RangeFinders. Sig Sauer released this Kilo series of that can range distances from 1,200 yards up to 2 miles.

According to the manual, the Kilo 2000 has a maximum range of 3,400 yards with reflective targets. All well and good if you’re hunting traffic signs! Another of the Kilo`s features is the detection of targets the size and reflectivity of deer out to about 1,200 yards. This is a real and useful measure you’d want for hunting.

The unit can be used on a wide variety of targets and is accurate with a tolerance of +/- 2 yards at 1000+ yards.
The accuracy of Sig Kilo 2000 is usually compared to Leica, a pioneer in rangefinders. Also to some other top-end devices with price more than three times the cost.

The Kilo 2000 performs quickly and is consistently accurate. This rangefinder can do everything its bigger and more expensive competitors can do.

What we liked:
  • HyperScan will continuously update the range 4 times a second measuring precise ranges far away targets. One of the most impressive Kilo 2000 features, this scan mode enables ranging over a mile with results shown to the nearest 1/10th yard.
  • It doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of its big brothers, Kilo 2200 and 2400. But this comes with two basic modes: “LOS” for Line of Site, and Angle Modified Range (AMR). “LOS” means straightforward horizontal measuring. The AMR function is actually an inclinometer, which calculates the line of sight and the angle and offers tremendous help to the hunter in a treestand or shooter in the mountains. AMR is a standard feature on most top-performing LRFs.
  • The Kilo 2000 features a red illuminated reticle with a circle at the center that is the aiming point. This simple display sports an ambient light sensor with 20 different brightness settings. The display options include settings for “Best” or “Last” target and a choice of meter or yard display.
  • This Sig LRF also boasts pretty good optics, better than a vast majority of lower-priced LRFs. It has 7×25 glass and an adjustable focus. The Kilo 2000 may not be considered binocular grade but is good enough to be used for quick monocular target acquisition.
  • Because of the light magnesium housing, the Kilo weights 7.7 oz. with the battery installed. It’s also waterproof, fog proof making it a durable device is ideal for the harshest field abuse.
  • The magnesium body finish doesn’t wear well, with heavy use it will show wear.
  • Readouts to a tenth of a yard and a large-sized aiming reticle can make readings a little confusing.


Inspired by military design, the Sig Kilo LRF is geared towards long-range shooting and hunting. Traditional low-priced rangefinders always seemed to be lacking somewhere and forced you to use a different LRFs for different kinds of hunting. But the Kilo 2000 is versatile enough to provide you everything you need for all of your hunting and shooting needs in one package.

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Fnova LRF

Fnova Laser Rangefinder, Hunting Range Finder Ranging 5-1000 Yards Digital Rangefinder 7X Magnification Lens Golf Rangefinder for Hunting, Racing, Archery, Survey and Golf 1000 Rangefinder
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This is one of the best entry-level rangefinders, the Fnova serves the middle of the road market in features, price, and quality. It boasts a newly developed 3rd gen microprocessor and a more precise and powerful laser diode than its previous models.

The manufacturers claim that their new electro-optics device features 60% increased speed, 50% higher accuracy while being responsive out to 900 yards. The Fnova rangefinder works from 5 yards all the way out to 1,000 yards of horizontal distance with an accuracy deviation of +/- 1 yard and is capable of measuring a range of speeds from 20 up to 300km/h.

What we liked:
  • Optics are based on a vertical 7x magnification scope with a 22mm objective lens. These optics may not be a large and quality as some higher priced LRF but they’re adequate to see a deer sized target in daylight.
  • This is both a long distance ranging scope and high accuracy speed measuring device, which makes it suitable for almost any hunter, explorer or shooter.
  • Straightforward operation, after locating the target within the reticle and holding the button for three seconds, the LCD will show you required target distance or speed in metric or imperial measurements.
  • Polycarbonate construction keeps the weight down to 8.3 oz., making this lightweight and portable device perfect option for any outdoor mission and operating temperatures of 32-122℉ (0-50℃).
  • Uses two ordinary AAA batteries and offers you versatility and ruggedness of more expensive brands with minor limitations.
  • While the Fnova works fine in clear weather, during the bad, hazy weather the laser is dispersed according to the density of the fog or rain and the software doesn’t compensate well.
  • You may find yourself googling how to do some things as the included manual isn’t the most comprehensive and well written we’ve seen.


This is a very good laser rangefinder either for a beginner or seasoned hunter. The Fnova is a simple tool for ranging targets without a ton of features, but it is sufficiently rugged and comes with a two-year warranty.

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Uineye Laser Rangefinder - Range : 5-1600 Yards, 0.33 Yard Accuracy, Golf Rangefinder with Height, Angle, Horizontal Distance Measurement Perfect for Hunting, Golf, Engineering Survey (Black)
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Although a new name for many gun aficionados, Uineye is a well-known professional optical product company specialized in laser rangefinders. This unit is capable of measuring distances up to 1500 meters (1600 yards). It’s powered by Lithium-ion CR2 battery and has an auto-shutoff feature after 20 seconds of inactivity.

The literature says this is intended to be a rangefinder that works for long-distance shooting or golf out to 1,600 yards with large reflective targets. In practice, it will give you measurements to a deer anywhere from 700 to 800 yards which is more than enough for hunting.

What we liked:
  • Accurate to +/- 0.33 yards, and if you are going to range past a thousand yards, you should ideally attach it to a tripod.
  • Two operational buttons, but it is very easy to use, giving you far more than just line-of-sight distances. It has a scan mode to measure distances of moving or multiple targets continuously. The unit also calculates angles between –90º and +90º with ±0.35º accuracy, allowing easy switching between two measuring systems: yards or meters.
  • 8x magnification paired with a 24mm optical objective lens offers a pristine field of view of 300 feet at 1,000 yards.
  • Unlike fully multi-coated optics of more expensive competitors, this model has only multicoated lenses but these gather light well in all weather conditions.
  • Made of plastic without rubber coating, the build quality feels slightly on the cheap side but, it is nitrogen purged and the O-ring sealed housing makes it both waterproof and fog proof.
  • The display is easy to read and offers information about distance, angle to the target, and battery life.
  • Though it provides angle and height measurements, there are no ballistic compensation distances.
  • The display is concise and simple to read but lacks a backlight, so may be difficult to see in low light or when you have a dark background


Weighing in at 11.2-ounces in weight, this is not the most lightweight rangefinder on the market. With an ergonomic design, it gives you a comfortable grip for single hand vertical operation. This Uineye is more than just a simple rangefinder. It offers impressive rangefinding accuracy even beyond 750 yards making it an inexpensive alternative to some competitors.

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Vortex Ranger 1300

One of the flagship rangefinders for 2018 the Vortex Ranger 1300. An upgraded version of the popular Ranger series. The newest iteration as the name suggests has a maximum yardage range of 1,300 yards for highly reflective objects and approximately 650 yards to deer-size non-reflective targets.

It keeps the performance of its predecessors and sports a more powerful and faster laser, which can now measure distance in less than a second.

The Ranger 1300 is a multi-purpose device perfect for bowhunters, gun hunters, and target shooters to complete those long-range shots utilizing HCD technology.

What we liked:

  • The Horizontal Component Distance mode enables an angle-compensated distance with accuracy to within -/+3 yards at 1,000 yards.
    Scan Mode for multiple reading types that is an essential feature for hunting in brush or rain.
  • A dimmable red LCD display with three brightness settings. The intuitive to use this LED screen comes with a readout in meters or yards and can operate in temperatures ranging from 14° to 131°F.
  • Optics wise this has 6x magnification and a 22 mm objective lens with an adjustable diopter for precise focus. Fully multi-coated glass gives optimal light transmission to see targets far away with good clarity.
  • Light at 7.7 ounces than other comparable products. The entire body is completely protected with O-ring seals making it waterproof to withstand the harshest conditions.

What we didn’t:

  • The new system of 2 buttons on top requires you to have to tap 3 times to range and the old system only required a double tap.
  • Lacks a last-target mode usually found on units in this price class


The Vortex Ranger 1300 comes with the ability to be mounted on a standard tripod, this is a must for accurate, over 1,000 yards long-range ranging.
The unit can be used in either in horizontal or vertical position, though you need to have a completely solid stand to be able to range a deer at 750 yards as Vortex declared.

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC

Bushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC 6 x 21mm Laser Rangefinder, Black
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When we are talking about optics, Bushnell is one of the most, if not THE most common optic brand in the United States. That’s because of quality, innovation and a wide budget spectrum.

As a huge company that makes dozens of different kinds of optics, Bushnell has a whole family of rangefinders. One for every type of shooting or hunting.

For this review, our choice fell to a laser rangefinder with dual-use dubbed Bushnell Scout DX 1000.

Bushnell claims that Scout LRF can acquire highly reflective objects out to 1,000 yards. In reality, it actually ranges out to an impressive 850 yards. On trees, it is accurate out to about 650 yards.

For real hunting use, it’ll give you the range of a non-reflective deer sized target from as far away as 325 yards.

The Scout DX 1000 ARC can be used both for bow and rifle hunting. This tech will calculate shot distances to targets directly below and directly above the shooter and at every angle in between.

What we liked:
  • The Angle Range Compensation or ARC function is an archery-optimized feature that solves a problem for bowhunters. However incline recognition will also help rifle hunters providing them with a holdover and bullet-drop in inches, MIL, and MOA. In an ARC Bow Mode, the computer calculates the distance of the shot based on terrain angle. This gives you an accurate reading from 7 yards out to 199 yards, even displaying 1/10th of a yard. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t feature the Bushnell’s Clear-Shot technology that will alert you to any tree limbs or bushes in the way of your arrow.
  • If you select an ARC Rifle Mode, you can get true horizontal distances up to 300-yards taking much of the guesswork out of those long shots.
  • Modern marketing requires manufacturers to make ordinary things sound interesting. E.S.P. (Extreme Speed Precision) technology, which paired with a Class 1 laser with <0.5mW power output makes this rangefinder will return ranges that are precise to within -/+0.5 yard.
  • VSI – Variable Sight-In technology that allows you to switch between three targeting modes for different types of shooting. The Scan Mode provides panning the landscape with instant distance updates. With a Brush mode on, your rangefinder will ignore brush and obstructions providing distances to background objects only. The simplest close range or Bullseye mode is intended for close-range shooting.
  • Single operation power/mode button, 6X magnification and focus mechanism built into the eyepiece. The Scout DX 1000 boasts a 21 mm objective diameter lenses that provide decent clarity in daylight conditions.
  • This pocket-sized LRF weighs only 6.6 oz. Its rubber-armored body is fully fog proof and weatherproof with O-ring seals and is nitrogen filled. This makes it tough enough to withstand any weather or terrain.
  • CR2 battery, which shuts off after 10 seconds of inactivity to increase it’s lifespan.
  • The readings on LCD display can be difficult to see in low light or even in shadows.
  • Limited ability to resolve small non-reflective targets at extended ranges.


All in all, this affordable Bushnell Scout is fully outfitted for both bow and rifle shooters. This is going to be a vital piece of gear if you plan to use it for short to mid-range shooting and bowhunting.

However, if you do a lot of your hunting at long ranges and during dawn or dusk, you may want to look elsewhere.

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