Bowtech Prodigy Compound Bow Review

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Our rating – 9.6/ 10  

All in all the Bowtech Prodigy is a true flagship bow in terms of performance, technology, and style. Few bows will out shoot the 343 fps. arrow speeds, and few bows will match this bow for quietness, and a dead in the hand shot. Not only that, but the Powershift technology on the cams will give you the ability to select your shooting experience. It is not an exaggeration to say this is like buying 3 bows in 1.


A prodigy is defined as a person of young age with exceptional skills or abilities. Lebron James was a prodigy in his youth as has become one of the best basketball players ever. Mozart was a child prodigy in music who composed his first piece of music at at 5.

It was more than just hard work that set these folks apart, it was a natural skill or ability you can’t teach.

Much like these two human prodigies, the Bowtech Prodigy has several features that other bows simply can’t match. No matter how hard we try, we’ll never be Mozart or Lebron James, and no matter how hard some bows may try, they’ll never reach the same level as this Bowtech bow.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

Riser – 80%
Grip – 80%
Cam System – 100%
Limbs – 100%
Styling – 100%
Shooting – 100%

What we liked:

  • Accurate and dead in the hand
  • Powershift technology
  • Fast

What we didn’t:

  • High price

Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):343
Bow Weight (lbs)4.2
Brace Height (inches):7
Axle-To-Axle (inches):32
Draw Length Range:25-30.5″
Draw Weight Range:50,60,70
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Carbon Core
Price Range:High
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Non transferable lifetime

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Here is one review that describes the essentials of the Bowtech Prodigy.

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In-Depth Review


The riser of the Prodigy is nothing out of the ordinary, but does have a few nice embroideries. Structurally speaking, the Prodigy is made from a piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Using aluminum keeps the riser strong while reducing the overall weight of the bow. It has a series of cutouts that add to the overall look of the bow, but functionally help keep the bow’s weight down as well.

In addition to the solid basic construction, Bowtech added a few nice features they have developed. One great feature is the FLX roller guard. This innovative cable guiding system was created by Bowtech several years ago to help improve accuracy. It does so by flexing toward the center of the riser as the bow is drawn, and then returning to its starting position upon the shot. If you are looking to take the next step in your shooting, it might be a feature that gets you there.


The grip on this bow is a pretty standard Bowtech design. It is a slim grip that has been designed to fit into the hand. Small grips have become the norm as they create less surface between the bow and your hand. This creates less opportunity to torque the bow during the shooting sequence. It also has been designed to allow for a repeatable grip each time. A repeatable grip is essential for developing any kind of accuracy at all.

Cam System

The Overdrive cam system on the Bowtech Prodigy is certainly one of the major talking points. These cams have been standard on Bowtech’s flagship bows for a few years, and have created quite a following. They are a dual cam system, which is largely responsible for the blazing arrow speeds.

Another great feature on the Overdrive cams is the Powershift module system they have been fitted with. Bowtech’s Powershift technology is a simple module on the cam that makes a huge difference in the shooter’s experience. Each module has three different settings; one for speed, one for comfort, and one is a happy medium. Essentially, the Powershift modules give you three bows wrapped up in one package. This feature will really allow you to find a setting that is ideal for you and your situation.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

Like many bows these days the Bowtech Prodigy allows for a range of draw length and weight. Prodigys come in three different draw weight packages (50, 60, 70 max) with each limb system having a 10 pound weight range. To change the range all it takes is a few simples turns of the limb bolts. This is a fairly standard feature that will help you find just the right fit for you.

To change the draw length you simply remove the hex bolts on the cam modules and adjust them to the desired setting. Be sure to reference the manual when resetting the modules. Although this bow doesn’t have a huge range, it should fit most full size shooters out there.


The Carbon core split limbs on the Prodigy are very high quality and help contribute to the high arrow speeds of the prodigy. Many limbs are composite limbs like this, but the carbon material has earned a reputation for being exceptionally strong and light. If you are looking for a quality made bow with limbs that will last for years, the Prodigy certainly fits the bill.


While the main goal of the Prodigy was to create a high performance bow, it is also a great looking bow as well. The overall design gives it a modern look that will definitely stand out on the range, which some shooters may appreciate.

In addition to the overall design, this bow also comes in either Mossy Oak Breakup Country, Realtree Xtra Green, Kryptek Highlander, or Blackops. Having the ability to customize your bow, either for function or for appearance, is a feature anyone will appreciate.


Although the Bowtech Prodigy has many features worth noting, its best feature may be in the shootability department. This bow is touted as being dead in the hand, vibration free, and having zero torque and we agree. All of these features are desirable for someone looking for the ultimate shooting experience. Additionally, the Prodigy is dead-nuts quiet. Any hunter out there can appreciate that quality while chasing wild animals. 

Another feature you may overlook at first is the 7 inch brace height of this bow. A longer brace height is desirable because it tends to make the bow more forgiving of shooting mistakes. Even top level archers make mistakes, so having a bow that can cover you is a great attribute. When discussing shootability, it’s worth mentioning again how the Powershift technology really determines how the shot cycle feels.

Will this bow be buttery smooth, or have a rigid pull? That choice is left up to you.

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“How does it compare?”

Prodigy vs Bear Escape

Another bow that boasts incredible arrow speeds is the Bear Escape. This bow is one of the few that will outperform the Prodigy, and shoots an incredible 350 fps. Anyone who is looking for absolute speed will appreciate this feature. In addition to the speed, the Escape also is a great bow for accuracy.

It comes with the Bear Hinge cable guard which flexes much like the Bowtech FLX system. The hinge guard reduces torque and increases accuracy. Another great feature is the quietness of the bow.

What hunter wouldn’t love a bow that shoots 350 fps and is quiet to boot?

Prodigy vs Diamond Infinite Edge Pro

If you’ve browsed the preceding bows, but feel they may be a bit out of your price range, you might take a look at the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro.

This bow doesn’t have quite the same performance (310 fps.) as the other bows, but has a few appealing characteristics of its own. For starters, this bow is one of the most versatile on the market. It has draw weight adjustments from a preschool pulling 5 pounds, to a big game taking 70 pounds.

All of this without switching limbs. Also, the bow’s draw length can be adjusted anywhere from 13” to 31” without the use of a bow press. Bow of these features make the Infinite Edge Pro ideal for someone looking for versatility

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Prodigy vs Carbon Knight

Bowtech Carbon Knight

If you are looking for another flagship quality bow, and like the Bowtech brand, you may find the Carbon Knight appealing.

The Knight doesn’t have quite the same performance (335 fps.) or the same bells and whistles as the Prodigy, but has a few great features of its own. First off, the all carbon riser is a very distinctive feature of this bow. The carbon riser not only makes this bow a full pound lighter than the Prodigy, but it also makes the riser great for cold weather hunting.

Carbon will not absorb the cold nearly as much as an aluminum riser, and anyone who does much cold weather hunting will be able to appreciate that feature. In the accuracy department, the Carbon Knight will hang in there with the Prodigy.

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