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A good gift shows how well you know the person, how much you’ve listened to them and come to appreciate their personality. Well, if they’re a hunter, hunting is probably pretty important to them, so a hunting-themed gift the perfect way to say you care about them and want them to be happy and successful while doing what they love.

From full archery kits to goofy mugs, here are 40 gifts for hunters split into:

You can any of these use to surprise the hunter in your life and put a smile on their face. Just don’t forget the hunting-themed wrapping paper!

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How to Choose a Gift

What’s the Occasion?

There’s certainly no wrong time to get a hunting-themed gift for the hunter in your life. That said, you might want to calibrate the gift to the occasion and time of year. For instance, at Christmas, the rut and most active part of the hunting season is over, so instead of hunting gear, you might consider kitchen gear that they can use to cook and grill their successful kills.

Other popular occasions for hunting gifts include birthdays, father’s and mother’s day, as well as retirements, anniversaries, etc. Of course, you can always go for hunting gear and clothing, but it will probably excite the recipient most in the months leading up to hunting season, which makes it great for father’s day.

Something that works for all occasions is a hunting-themed trinket like socks or a mug. These make good stocking stuffers, but they’re also nice gifts for white elephant parties or work birthdays, retirements, etc.

What, Where, When and How Do They Hunt?

One hunting gift does not fit all, mostly because not everyone hunts the same animals in the same places at the same time in the same ways. For instance, a deer hunter doesn’t need a duck call, obviously.

Some of the best gifts are those that open the recipient up to new horizons, but you need to know that’s something they’re interested in. For example, if the hunter in your life really likes extended hunting/camping trips in the deep woods, they’ll probably love a present like a camp stove that lets them stay out even longer. However, if they’re more the type of hunter that watches YouTube while they sit in the tree stand, maybe a power bank is a better idea.

Most important of all, just make sure the gift is something they can actually use. Herd management equipment like deer feeders and trail cameras are fun, but if your hunter only hunts on public property, these things won’t do them much good.

The Gift They Said They Wanted – Or That They Didn’t Know They Needed?

The best gift givers listen to the people around them. For hunters, make sure to keep your ears open during hunting season. If they mention that their hands have been cold all season, take a note even if their birthday isn’t until spring and get them some hand warmers.

That said, we really recommend going for the gift that your hunter didn’t even know they needed. For instance, if they love both hunting and cooking, they’ll probably love a butcher knife for deer even if they’ve never mentioned it. This shows you really know and care about them.

Women’s Specific Clothing?

If you’re shopping for a female hunter, you’ve probably noticed that, unfortunately, most hunting clothing is labeled “for men.” This shouldn’t discourage you, though. In many cases, “men’s” hunting clothing is really just unisex. After all, as long as the size is right, there’s not much need for a thick hunting jacket to gender specific. You just have to get a smaller size.

Alternatively, check to see if there’s a women’s version. If there is, it may have a better and more comfortable fit for the hunter you’re buying for.

Our Top 40 Gifts for Hunters in 2022

Trinkets and Stocking Stuffers

Scott Kennedy Elk Scoring Framed Print

Okay, it’s unlikely that the hunter you’re shopping for will actually use this print to score their trophies. However, it makes a really nice decoration for their lodge or trophy room, especially if they have some nice racks to show off.

Scott Kennedy Elk Scoring Framed Print
A really nice decoration for a home or cabin

Novelty “I’d Rather Be Hunting” Socks

Socks don’t have to be a boring present. When they show you know the recipient and what they enjoy, they make a great gift. In this case, these socks with “I’d rather be hunting” written on the soles let the hunter in your life express themselves down to their toes.

Novelty “I Love (It When) My Wife (Lets Me Go Hunting)” Mug

Whether it’s at the office or at home, people love expressing themselves through their coffee mugs. This particular one kills two birds with one stone by being humorous and expressing the drinker’s love of hunting.

In fact, while this mug makes the most sense if you’re buying it for a married man, it makes a good gag gift for a single person too.


Does the hunter in your life miss the hunting season even in the middle of the summer? Well, there’s one way to get a taste of it while having a good time with friends or family: Hunting-opoly.

It’s based on the classic boardgame but is totally hunting themed for even more fun.

Field Notebook

Most of the time your hunter spends hunting they aren’t doing a whole lot. They’re probably just sitting in a tree stand waiting for a deer a walk by.

That’s a great time for them to jot down their thoughts or even take notes on how the hunt is going that they can review later. In our opinion, all hunters should carry a small field notebook with them, so if the hunter in your life doesn’t have one, it’s the perfect gift.


Cabela’s Hunting Bib

MT050 full hunting bib
MT050 full hunting bib – warmth in the depths of winter

Even if the hunter you’re shopping for already has hunting clothes like pants and a jacket, they might still benefit from a full hunting bib, especially if they hunt in cold weather. A hunting bib provides a more integral layer that combines with a jacket to insulate better. Plus, it’s more comfortable and flexible than pants attached with a belt.

We specifically recommend the Cabela’s MT050 Gore-Tex big. The Gore-Tex keeps water out, and the Thinsulate insulation can keep your hunter warm even in the depths of winter.

Sitka Camo Hunting Pants

Pants are one of the most important pieces of clothing that a hunter needs to be hunting specific. Of course, it’s good to have the bottom half of your body camouflaged, but on top of that, hunting pants provide flexibility for hiking through the woods and sitting in the tree stand as well as advanced material that minimizes noise when you move.

If the hunter in your life needs a good pair of hunting pants, we recommend the Elevated II Equinox Pants from Sitka, one of the most famous hunting clothing brands. They’re warm but breathable for maximum comfort and have multiple pockets for storing gear.

Check the price on Cabelas »

RedHead Camo Parka

redhead camo parka
Extra warm but lightweight

The key to hunting clothing is layers. Your hunter probably heads out to the tree stand early in the morning before the sun comes but sits in their tree stand as the day warms up. Plus, they alternate between hiking and sitting, meaning they may need to take off layers and put them back on. As a result, a good parka or jacket can help them hunt more days and longer seasons.

Our go-to parka is the RedHead Silent Stalker. Aside from the extra warm but lightweight Thermolite insulation, we love that you can choose between three different camo options or blaze orange so you can the right pattern for your hunter’s environment or preferences.

RedHead Camo Balaclava

RedHead Camo Balaclava
Fits most and comes in several designs

A balaclava is a great gift because it’s usually a part of the hunting wardrobe that a lot of hunters skip. However, it can make hunting more fun and more successful. With a camo design, you hide another part of your body from game, and you also keep your face warm in the coldest conditions.

Take a look at this camo balaclava from RedHead. Made of spandex, it fits most people, so you don’t have to measure your hunter’s head while they’re sleeping. Plus, it comes in several camo designs so you can get it to match the rest of their gear.

Heated Socks

ActionHeat battery powered socks
Toasty toes in the tree-stand

Chances are the hunter in your life already has some wool socks, but have they complained about their toes still getting cold while they’re sitting in the tree stand? A pair of battery-heated socks might be the piece of gear they didn’t know they needed—or that they even existed.

These ActionHeat socks make a great gift. They use carbon-fiber heating panels to heat the toes up to 130˚F for up to four hours on three AA batteries.

Sitka Scent-Killing Thermal Underwear

Sitka Scent-Killing Thermal Underwear
A scent killing base layer

Has the hunter in your life recently gotten into archery so they can take advantage of the longer hunting season? Well, they’re going to need some warmer layers. This includes thermal underwear that will trap in heat even when they’re not moving.

We specifically suggest a thermal layer that has odor-control technology and minimizes sweat buildup. That’s why this pair from Sitka made our list.

ScentLok Gloves

ScentLok Gloves
Soft, warm + odor control for the hands

Want to help your hunter be more successful in the field? Get them some gloves with odor-control technology. Our hands are one of the main ways we leave odors around the woods, so these ScentLok gloves, which are designed with a carbon alloy to neutralize odor, can make a big difference.

Other Hunting Gear

Bear Archery Species Ready-to-Hunt Compound Bow Package

Bear Species RTH package
Bear Species – a ready to hunt package…

Does the hunter in your life keep talking about how they’d like to get into bowhunting, either to up the challenge or extend the hunting season? Or maybe you need a gift for a young person who’s just getting started with their hunting career? Either way, the best way to start them off on the right foot is with a full archery kit that has everything they need to hit the ground running.

We recommend this ready-to-hunt kit from Bear Archery that includes their Species EV RTH compound bow. It has a manageable draw weight, but it’s still plenty to do serious hunting. Plus, it has all the basic accessories your hunter needs including a sight, arrow rest, quiver and stabilizer.

Millennium Hang-On Treestand

Millennium M150 Hang-On Treestand
Comfortable and adjustable

If you’re looking for a big gift that will really blow away the deer hunter you love, consider wrapping them up a new tree stand. Our favorite tree stand on the market is the Millennium M150. It’s comfortable and adjustable, but it’s also safe and secure, a little gift to you as well.

Archery Target

An archery target is a great gift because it helps your hunter practice their aim as well as enjoy the offseason. We suggest a quality target like this Morrel Yellow Jacket Supreme III, especially if they’ve been using cheap foam targets up till now. One thing we really like about it is that it’s portable and versatile with loops for hanging.

Check the price on Cabelas »

morrell yellow jacket supreme III
Portable and versatile, shoot anywhere… anytime

Alaskan Guide Headlamp

Alaskan Guide Headlamp
Tough, waterproof and highly adjustable

Is the hunter in your life still using a flashlight to hike out into their tree stand? That’s not a good idea. Not only does it take up a hand you could use for something else, but it likely requires too much light to see the path clearly because it’s not focused in the right place.

A headlamp like this Cabelas model by Princeton Tec model is a much better option. We like it more than most other headlamps on the market because it’s tough and waterproof with a highly adjustable and comfortable headband.

Binoculars Rangefinder Combo

You could get your hunter binoculars or a rangefinder, or you could really surprise them by getting them a device that combines them both like this model from USCamel. Not only does it cut down on the amount of gear you have to carry with you, but it’s waterproof for use in all conditions. This is an especially good gift for new archers who are going to need to regularly use a rangefinder as they’re learning the ropes.

Ozone Scent Treatment

Is the hunter you’re shopping for still stuffing their gear in a box with pine needles before each hunt? You can give them a little more sophisticated odor-control option with an ozone generator that neutralizes human scents.

We like this ozone gear bag in particular because you don’t have to worry about anything else. Your hunter can just stuff all their gear in there. If you’ve been frustrated with their organization lately, that might even make it a bit of a gift for you. More scent control options here.

Boot Dryer

Cabela's Original PEET Boot Dryer
Dry boots quickly and eliminate odors and bacteria

Boots inevitably get wet. That might be due to the weather, or it might be due to sweat. The latter is even worse because it can cause odor buildup that’s a big problem for hunting. A boot dryer like this from from PEET makes your loved one’s hunting trips both more effective and more comfortable.

Primos Original the Can Estrus Bleats Deer Call

Primos Original the Can Estrus Bleats Deer Call
It’s a can that speaks deer

Calls make great gifts because they’re small and compact, and there are a lot of different ones so you can usually help grow your hunter’s collection. If they’re just starting that collection, “The Can” from Primos is a must-have for everyone. It imitates the sound of a doe in estrus which often makes bucks in the rut come running. Try this one or check out our full deer call roundup.

Primos Hardwood Grunter

Primos Hardwood Grunter
Imitate all sorts of deer calls with this lovely looking hardwood system

Another call every hunter should have is a grunter. In fact, we’d say this is one of the better calls for a gift because it’s a lot of fun. With practice and study, the hunter in your life can learn to imitate all sorts of deer calls from deep buck grunts to doe bleats. Like with most calls, Primos makes our favorite grunter.

Primos Rattling Antlers

Primos Fightin' Horns Deer Call
Make the sound of bucks fighting

Rattling antlers are another call that makes a good gift because, well, they kind of look like toys. With rattling antlers, you knock them together to make the sound of two bucks fighting in the rut. This can potentially call in other curious bucks who want to see what the fuss is about. If the hunter in your life hasn’t tried them, it can be a fun addition to their gear.

Echo Calls Duck Call

Echo Calls Duck Call
A cool design of duck call that would make a great gift

Don’t worry. Calls aren’t just for deer hunters! If you’re shopping for a duck hunter, a call is a great gift. In fact, even if they already have one, many duck hunters like to collect duck calls.

When it comes to gifts, we highly recommend this duck call from Echo Calls. This is because, in additon to its ease of use and effective sound, it has a really cool design that most duck hunters will appreciate.

Hunting Thermos

A great way to stay warm while you’re hunting is by regularly drinking a warm beverage, whether it’s coffee, tea or even hot chocolate. Of course, you need a way to keep that beverage warm the whole time you’re hunting. That’s why a vaccuum-insulated thermos like this one from Stanley makes such a great gift. It even comes in camo, so it’s hunting specific.

Knine Outdoors Field Dressing Kit

Do you know a hunter who’s been using the same old pocket knife to field dress deer for years? Make things easier for them by gifting them a full field dressing kit. With various knives, scissors and even a bonesaw, the Knine Outdoors kit makes the whole process go a lot faster. That isn’t just more convenient, but it actually helps keep the meat fresher so your hunter can use more of their kill.

Jetboil Flash Camping Stove

Does your hunter disappear for days on end hunting in the backwoods? Do they just pack some sandwiches and granola bars? There’s no reason they can’t have a hot meal thanks to this impressively compact but effective camping stove from Jetboil. Just 13.1 ounces, it boils water in less than two minutes.

Primos Bloodhunter Blood Tracking Light

A blood tracking light is one of those things that your hunter likely doesn’t have but that they’ll enjoy using in the field. When an animal is lethally injured but not straight through the heart, they may run a good distance before dying. You then have to follow the trail of blood to find the quarry. This Primos light helps you do just that with an LED bulb and color filters that help make blood spatters stand out.

Dead Down Wind Trophy Hunter Kit

If you’re shopping for someone who’s just gotten into hunting, you can make things easy on them by getting a full kit that has everything they need to cancel their scent and have a better chance of success even as a newbie. This kit from Dead Down Wind includes laundry detergent, soap, scent-killing spray, even lip balm.

LifeStraw Water Filter

Having a water filter they can use in the field can help your hunter extend their deep-woods hunting trips and keep them hydrated in an emergency situation. We especially like the LifeStraw because it’s so easy to use. If you follow the instructions, you can drink right out of a water source like a strem or river.

Mosquito Repeller

In the early hunting season, mosquitoes can be a real problem. Unfortunately, bug spray, aside from being a hassle that you have to reapply, can also repel game. A better option is a repeller device like the Thermacell MR300. It’s easily portable, so your hunter can carry it with them to the tree stand, and it uses natural fuel to ward off bugs.


Solar Power Bank

These days, even a hunter enjoying nature probably has a lot of tech with them: a phone, rangefinder, maybe a tablet. If they’re going to be away from civilizaiton for a while, they’ll need a power bank to keep all those gadgets charged.

We recommend getting them a particularly useful power bank like this one from Mregb. For one thing, it has a solar panel, so you can keep recharging your devices. Plus, it has a built-in flashlight and compass. Give your hunter access to tougher terrain while keeping them safe and a phone call away.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If the hunter in your life is still using single-use handwarmers, help them take their hunting experience to the next level with a reusable handwarmer. For instance, this electronic hand warmer from Ocoopa is rechargeable and provides three levels of warmth up to 131°F.

Rackulator Trophy Scoring Device

Scoring antlers is… a little complicated. Many hunters use scoring tape, totally unaware this easier and reusable device exists. That makes it a great gift for the hunter in your life, something they’ll enjoy that they didn’t even know they needed.

Herd Management

Tactacam Trail Camera

Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2 Trail Camera
A great trail camera

You can never have enough trail cameras, right? If the hunter in your life is one of those that spends hours reviewing their cam footage admiring the bucks, consider helping them add to it with an advanced camera like this one from Tactacam. It has Verizon and AT&T compatibility and takes HD videos and 16MP photos without spooking game.

Moultrie 30-Gallon Deer Feeder

Moultrie Deer Feeder Standard 30-Gallon Tripod Game Feeder
Know anyone who manages a herd of deer?

While it might seem like a gift for the deer on your property, a quality deer feeder is also a good present for the hunter in your life, especially if they’re starting to manage a herd and want to help it grow healthy. Regular feeding can also help build habits that will make harvesting the deer easier come hunting season.

This feeder from Moultrie has a 30-gallon hopper, which is great for a smaller herd and those just getting started with herd management. It can feed up to four times a day and is highly adjustable. It runs on simple AA batteries, and you can also potentially plug in a solar panel for maximum convenience.

For the Kitchen

Meat Grinder

Cabela's Heavy-Duty Meat Grinder
A practical gift that’s useful after the season is over

One of the great things about hunting is it gives you access to tons of other fun hobbies as well. For instance, does the hunter in your life also like grilling and cooking? Maybe they’d like to try making their own venison hamburgers and sausage instead of taking their kills to the butcher.

A kitchen-grade meat grinder like this one from Cabela’s is both fun and practical. It makes a great gift because it’s something your hunter can use often to produce something they can share with those around them.

Vacuum Sealer

With a vacuum sealer, the hunter in your life can enjoy the fruits of the fall hunting season the next summer on the grill. By sealing the prime cuts of their harvests, they’ll last much longer in the fridge or freezer. We like this entry-level Bonsenkitchen model in particular as a present because it’s very straightforward and works with most gift budgets.

TUO Scimitar Butcher Knife

Frankly, a sharp knife makes a good gift for anyone, not just hunters, especially if it makes you feel like a wizard in the kitchen like this TUO Scimitar knife does. The carbon German steel is lightweight but tough, so don’t be surprised if you find your hunter using it to make dinner long after they’ve butchered their last deer of the season.

Venison Recipes Made Simple: 99 Recipes for the Homecook

Is the hunter in your life also a chef, or at least an inspiring one? This simple cookbook has 99 different recipes they can try using the deer they’ve harvested. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

The MeatEater Fish and Game Cookbook

If the hunter in your life also enjoys fishing or hunting games besides deer, this is another great recipe book that includes a more comprehensive list of recipes. In fact, it has over 100 recipes covering everything from squirrels to bear to eels.

DIY Jerky Making Kit

Even if your hunter doesn’t like cooking in general, who can say no to a little jerky? Both fun and easy to make, these jerky kits make great stocking stuffers and provide all the seasonings to make a large batch of jerky. They can then even take that jerky as a snack when they go out hunting.


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