Indiana deer hunting season 2023-2024

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Well-known for its vast farmlands, Indiana is the perfect hunting ground for most. With the common White-tailer deer spread throughout the state, you will surely have a fun hunting season ahead. However, before we get ahead, we must consider what licenses and permits are required to hunt in Indiana legally. 

Likewise, our weapons also need to meet the minimum requirement set by the state of Indiana. Below you will see everything you need to know to get you ready for Indiana deer hunting season 2023-2024.

Season Dates 

Indiana provides hunters with different dates depending on the weapon they are using or their age. Below is a list of the season dates for 2023 to 2024:

Indiana Deer Hunting SeasonDate
Reduction ZoneSept 15, 2023 – Jan 31, 2024
YouthSept 23-24, 2023
ArcheryOct 1, 2023 – Jan 7, 2024
FirearmsNov 18 – Dec 3, 2023
MuzzleloaderDec 9-24, 2023
Special Antlerless FirearmsClosed

Licensing & Draw License Fees

To hunt in Indiana, you need to purchase the corresponding license required. This might be a regular hunting license with a deer permit. Take note that prices are also different for residents and non-residents.

Deer LicensesResident PriceNon-resident Price
Res. Youth Consolidated Hunt/Trap$12
Nonres. Annual Youth Hunting$20
Nonres. Youth Deer Hunting$39
Nonres. Deer License Bundle$91
Annual Hunting & Fishing$32
Annual Hunting $90$90
Five-Day Hunting$50
Deer Hunting $39$240
Deer License Bundle$91$550

For more information on license fees and considerations that could be made, take a look at the Indiana e-regulations page.

What Weapons can you Hunt Deer Within Virginia?


Shotguns10, 12, 16, 20, or 28 gauge or .410”. Loaded with single slugs or saboted bullets only. Barrel must be a minimum of 18 inches long. The minimum overall length must be 26 inches.
Centerfire rifle 0.24 Caliber and up with a magnum load or centerfire cartridge. Bullet diameter 357” at minimum. The casing length should be between 1.16-1.8”. Full metal jacket bullets are illegal.
HandgunsBarrel length must be 4” at minimum, and bullet diameter must be 243” at minimum.  .25-20 Winchester, .32-20 Winchester, .30 carbine, and .38 special ammunition are prohibited

Bow and Arrow:

ArrowsArrows must be 20 inches in length.
BroadheadsBroadheads can be fixed with two blades and must be ⅞ inches wide at their widest point. Metal, metal-edged, napped flint, chert, or obsidian broadheads are permitted.
Bow characteristicsLongBow minimum draw weight for hunting deer is 35 lbs. This includes longbows, compound bows, or recurve bows and arrows


Crossbow draw weightCrossbows have a minimum draw weight of 125 lbs. and must be mechanically safe. Draw length must be a minimum of 14 inches.
Arrows/ boltsThe arrow/ bolt must be at least 16 inches, excluding the broad head.
BroadheadsIt must be ⅞ inches at the widest point. 

Muzzleloading Rifle:

Powderblack powder or black powder substitute only.
CaliberA single barrel of .44 caliber or greater.
Legal projectileMuzzleloaders can be smoothbore or rifled. Must be a single barrel that fires a single round ball or conical projectile. 
IgnitionMatchlock, flintlock ignition system, percussion ignition system with a primer or percussion cap, or a wheel-lock.

What Types of Deer Are Popular in Indiana?

Indiana’s deer population isn’t as extensive as other states. In Indiana, you are limited to hunting White-tailed deer. However, with the landscape, you will have a thrilling time hunting these deer. It’s helpful to know how to identify the White-tailed deer as well. 

The White-tailed deer is most famous for its distinctive white underside of its tail, which stands up when they are alert. Their bodies are smaller than that of the Mule Deer. Their coats are reddish-brown or grayish-brown with a white rump and black border around the rump. Because of their ability to adapt, you can find White-tailed deer in a few places, including mountainous areas, grasslands, or woodlands. 

What Else is Popular to Hunt in Utah?

If you want to hunt for more than deer, Indiana has several other animals that provide an exciting hunt. Here’s a list of animals you can legally Hunt in Indiana:

Sure, here’s the updated list with bullets:

Indiana offers a diverse range of hunting opportunities for enthusiasts. From big game to small game and waterfowl, here’s a list of animals you can legally hunt in Indiana:

Big Game:

  • White-tailed Deer

Upland Birds:

  • Wild Turkey 
  • Gray Squirrel 
  • Ruffed Grouse
  • Quail

Small Game:

  • Rabbit 
  • Dove
  • Woodcock 


  • Ducks
  • Geese


  • Raccoons
  • Opossums
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes 
  • Beavers 

Remember that each animal above will have a designated hunting season and the license to accompany it. We suggest you look at the regulations around hunting the animals above on the e-regulations page.

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