PSE Brute Force Compound Bow Review

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Our rating – 9.8/ 10  

Our review of the PSE Brute Force will quickly show you why people rave about this bow. It may not be the absolute fastest bow on the market, but with a silky smooth draw and dead-on accuracy it is a steal for the price. It offers a good deal of adjustability and can suit the needs of even the most seasoned archers out there.


What comes to mind when you think of the word “brute”? For me, I see a big bearded chap who doesn’t take flack from anyone. He tends to settle his problems without saying a word, and the unlucky antagonist surely doesn’t stand a chance. When the folks at PSE named their bow the PSE Brute Force, they certainly captured the nature of the bow. This bow is a hard hitter, and packs a heck of a wallop.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

Riser – 100%
Grip – 90%
Cam System – 100%
Limbs – 100%
Styling – 100%
Shooting – 100%

What we liked:

  • Smooth Draw
  • Good Arrow Speed
  • Solid Back Wall
  • Adjustable Draw Weight

What we didn’t:

  • Short Axle to Axle

Features / Specifications

Draw weight range (lbs):30 – 70
Draw length (min-max):25 – 31
Weight (lbs):4.2
ATA Length (inches):31.25
IBO Speed Rating (fps):332
Riser:Machined Aluminium
Let Off:80%
Price Range:Medium
Handedness:Left and Right Available
Warranty:Limited-lifetime to original owner

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Check Ebay for prices »

In-Depth Review


The riser on this Brute Force is made out of machined aluminum. Today nine out of ten bows will be made from aluminum, with many using aircraft grade aluminum. Aluminum is the material of choice because when considering weight, strength, and cost, it is hard to beat. Unless you are super concerned with bow weight (i.e. you’d like a bow in the 3 pound range) the construction of this riser is just fine.

Like many bows these days, the riser is drilled and tapped to accommodate a wide variety of accessories. Things like stabilizers, quivers, and sights can be easily added if you don’t purchase the package bow. Having the ability to customize your bow is a feature that most archers won’t go without.

This bow also uses a standard cable slide. PSE does make an upgraded cable slide that flexes to avoid bow torque. However, they don’t include this feature on the Brute Force. It has a rigid cable slide like many bows in its price range. Unless you are a top level tournament shooter, or simply demand the absolute highest technology, odds are you won’t ever notice this feature.


The grip on this bow happens to be one area where folks actually take notice. It is smaller than most grips and the shooter really just holds the riser. Having a skinny grip allows for comfortable hand placement. Smaller grips also tend to create less hand torque since less of the hand is contacting the riser ( This would be a nice asset if you are looking for a comfortable bow to hold.

One downside of gripping the riser itself is the aluminum will get cold if the temperature drops. They do make specialty shooting gloves these days that can provide some insulation, so this factor may not be a huge issue.

Cam System

The cams on this bow are one of its biggest selling points. PSE decided to go all out and use the exact same cams they do on their BowMadness bows. The BowMadness is a popular PSE bow especially for serious hunters. Engineers used a dual cam system that requires the cams to be synchronized. There is not generally a huge amount of maintenance these days, but will require more frequent inspection. If you are the type who likes to stay simple, this might not be the bow for you.

What do dual cams bows offer then? Dual cam bows are generally seen as more comfortable to shoot, and have a rock solid back wall ( Having a solid back wall will especially help those shooters who rely on back tension to shoot. You might appreciate this bow if you want a bow that holds nicely while at full draw.

Lastly, these cams have built in modules that allow for easy draw length adjustments without the use of a bow press. By simply changing the module settings, you can adjust the draw length from 25” to 31”. The extended 31” inch draw is not always easy to find, so longer armed people may appreciate this.


The limbs on the PSE Brute Force are split limb designed. They come in three different maximum weight models. You can choose from #50, #60, or #70 maximum weight on your limbs. Although the limbs designate these weights, they do have a 20 pound weight range. The adjustment is made by twisting the limb bolts out. This means the 70 pound limbs can actually accommodate the needs of someone wanting a 50 pound bow. This would be especially nice for a new shooter who wants the lower draw weight for practice, then wants more power while on the hunt. It also means that a young shooter can buy the 50 pound limbs and take the bow down to 30 pounds. A 50 pound bow is acceptable more many commonly hunted species, so this bow could be used by a young teenager for years to come.


When it comes to looks, the Brute Force is a force to be reckoned with. The riser has the classic cutout look that is so popular today. It also comes in several different color choices including Mossy Oak camo, Skullworks 2 camo, and black. Your individual preferences should determine what color you go with. PSE has figured out the dipping process and you can expect this finish to hold up fairly well.

In terms of branding, PSE tends to put their name on their bows. This bow is no different. PSE is stamped on the limbs, cams, and riser. It doesn’t really distract from the overall makeup of the bow, but is there noticeable nonetheless.


This is the area where the Brute Force really shines. Everyone acquainted with this bow simply raves about the smooth draw of the bow. This smooth draw can be attributed to the BowMadness cam system the bow uses. Shooters can expect to have a comfortable draw until about the last two inches, where the cams finally tip over to the 80% let-off. The question has to be, what shooter wouldn’t benefit from a bow with a super smooth draw?

As mentioned, the dual cams of this bow give is a solid back wall and almost no creep. Being able to sit back at full draw can help the shooter focus on what is most important; the target. Anyone interested in being seriously accurate should consider this bow.

Finally the noise and vibration on this bow are both selling features as well. It is as quiet as you would expect from PSE and the vibration doesn’t seem to be an issue at all.

All said, this bow is simply a pleasure to shoot. If comfort is up your alley, you may consider taking a closer look at it.

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“How does it compare?”

Brute Force vs Carbon Knight

Like the PSE Brute Force, the Bowtech Carbon Knight is a serious bow for serious shooters. They both have comparable performance, selling points, and strengths. The biggest advantage the Knight has over the PSE bow is the weight. Bowtech used a carbon riser while constructing this bow. Carbon has several advantages over aluminum. First off, it is lighter and the Carbon Knight weighs only 3.2 pounds. Secondly, it doesn’t retain the cold like an aluminum riser does. People how often shoot in cold weather may appreciate this attribute.

The Carbon Knight doesn’t have quite the same range as the Brute, with draw lengths ranging only from 26.5” to 30.5”. Read more on the Carbon Knight here.

Brute Force vs Infinite Edge Pro

Like the Infinite Edge, the Edge Pro is extremely adjustable. As a second generation bow it actually offers a wider degree of adjustment and more shooter friendly as well. This bow can adjust from 13” to 31”, so it captures those folks who need the extra inch. It also features a 80% let off that is comparable to the Brute Force. The Edge Pro is a great bow, although not in the same class in terms of shootability as the PSE bow. Our full review.

Check the price on Cabelas »

Brute Force vs SAS Rage

The SAS Rage is a bargain hunter’s dream. It comes with a very comfortable price tag and offers adequate performance as well. The Rage has adjustable draw weights from 55 to 70 pounds, and allows a 26”-30” draw weight adjustment. It also has a longer axle to axle measurement than the Brute Force, which may be beneficial for more inexperienced shooters. In terms of arrow speed, the Rage doesn’t compare the Brute Force, but is adequate to hunt standard deer and turkey with. If you want a solid bow for minimal investment, it might be worth a closer look. Our full review is here.

Brute Force vs Infinite Edge

When compared to the Diamond Infinite Edge the Brute Force is certainly a higher performing bow. The Infinite Edge shoots at a slower, but still adequate, 310 fps. It also doesn’t have a reputation for being as silky smooth as the Brute. One huge attribute of the Infinite Edge is the adjustability it offers. This dandy little bow allows shooters to adjust from 5 pounds of draw weight, to a serious 70 pounds. Not only that, but the draw lengths can adjust from 13” clear up to 30”. That makes this an ideal bow not only for growing kids, but for shooters of all ages. Our review.

Compound Bow Comparison Tables

All the bows we review (and some we haven’t yet) get added to our compound bow comparison table. They’re a great place to get a quick overview of what’s on the market, and find something that fits with your requirements. We’ve also a great in-depth guide that helps you understand what all features and specifications actually mean as part of our article on the best compounds

About the Manufacturer

PSE is the largest privately owned archery equipment manufacturer in the United States. PSE stands for “Precision Shooting Equipment” and is a US company founded by a product engineer with a love of archery. PSE was one of the first companies to machine bow risers and accessories from solid aluminium and pioneered the four stage forging process to create strong and lightweight bows.

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  1. Hi David, I am currently looking at this bow with a 50# maximum weight limb. Does that mean that this bow will have a maximum draw weight of 50lbs or 70lbs? Thanks.

    • Hi Aaron, best place to look would be owners guide/manual for that year of bow which is here Unfortunately for the Brute that manual doesn’t list the min/max attainable weights but it does state that PSE’s are factory set to within 2 lbs of the peak draw indicated on the limbs which in your case for a 50# bow would be 50 lbs.

      Hope that helps!


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