Bear Attitude Compound Bow Review

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Our rating – 9/ 10  

Overall the Bear Attitude is a serviceable hunting and target shooting bow. It has all the attributes you need to be competitive in 3-D tournaments or put meat in the freezer. While inexperienced shooters may find this bow a bit touchy, folks who know their way around compound bows shouldn’t have a hard time hitting 10 rings with it. Overall the Attitude is a solid bow, from a great company, for an reasonable price.


We all need to have a little attitude once in awhile. Attitude can give us the little chip on our shoulder we need to fight through adversity and confidence to be successful. In 2014 Bear Archery release the Bear Attitude that can provide the same boost to your archery pursuits. The Attitude is a bow capable of hunting and target shooting and one experienced shooters will really enjoy. If you are looking to employ a little attitude in your archery setup, browsing the specs on the Bear Attitude is worth your time.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

Riser – 100%
Grip – 80%
Cam System – 100%
Limbs – 90%
Styling – 80%
Shooting – 90%

What we liked:

  • Comfortable to shoot
  • Adequate hunting performance
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

What we didn’t:

  • Slightly Unforgiving
  • Single Color Options

Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):310
Bow Weight (lbs)3.7
Brace Height (inches):7.25
Axle-To-Axle (inches):31
Draw Length Range:25-32″
Draw Weight Range:40-70
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:Low-Mid
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Limited Lifetime

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Bear shows off the Attitude when it was released in 2014 and gives you a chance to look at some of the features up close.
Watch one Youtuber breakdown his experience with his Bear Attitude.

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In-Depth Review


The riser of the Bear Attitude is made from machined aluminum, designed with standard cutouts throughout. Aluminum is the most popular riser material out there today due to the fact it is light and durable. At 3.7 pounds, the Attitude is considered a lightweight bow ideal for someone walking into the backcountry. Not only is the Attitude light, but the riser has the accessories you would expect from a bow produced by Bear. Like most bows, you can mount a stabilizer on the bow. Stabilizers can improve balance and reduce noise on the shot. The Attitude also has a nice string suppressor and traditional cable guide. Both of these attributes are standards on many bows that improve the performance of the bow.


The grip on this bow is similar to many Bear grips. The slim grip is integrated right into the riser itself. These grips are proven to be comfortable for a wide range of shooters and help the archer repeat their grip time after time. Repeatability in a grip is important because it will help increase an archer’s accuracy. Bear also included a few nameplates on either side of the grip. These nameplates may help shooters feel the grip better, but seem to be more about branding than anything. 

Cam System

The cam on the Bear Attitude is the EZ3 single cam system. Single cams are ideal for shooters who want a low-maintenance bow. Single cams tend to stay in time better and still offer good performance. The Attitude is no exception, and the 310 fps is testament to that. Although will not win speed contests, this type of speed is more than capable in a hunting situation. The EZ3 cam system also has a comfortable draw cycle and an 80% let off. Having a high let off helps shooters steady the shot and hold the draw longer in hunting situations. It should also be noted the cam system can easily be adjusted from 25-32 inches without the use of a bowpress. This is important for people who like to tinker on their bow in their basement or may still be maturing.

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

Like many bows these days the Bear Attitude has the ability to be adjusted easily in your basement. With an allen wrench you can adjust the draw weight with a simple turn of the limb bolts. Again, each set of limbs has a 10 pound range. Similarly the cams can be adjusted from 25” to 32” by loosening allen bolts in the cam and readjusting them. Having this adaptability is a definite bonus for people who want to tinker on their own bow and tune it perfectly to their needs.


The quad composite limbs on the Attitude reflect the current trend in archery today. Quad limbs have proven to be durable yet provide good energy returns to the bow. When looking at the limbs the biggest attribute that stands out is their ability for adjustment. The limbs come in 50, 60, and 70 pound models and can be adjusted as mentioned. Adjustability is always a good attribute, and helps shooters find the right weight for them.


This bow comes as Realtree Xtra Green camo riser and black limbs. While there are not many color options, the bow is dipped like Bear flagship bows. Folks who like their bow to maintain a nice finish this would be a good selling point.


The Bear Attitude performs adequately where it counts; in the shootability department. One major point to consider is the relatively short axle to axle measurement. Hunters have been asking for short axle to axle bow that help them hunt in tight situations. The downside is that as the measurement gets shorter, bows tend to become harder to shoot accurately.

Experienced shooters shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding their rhythm with this bow, but first time shooters might not be as successful with it.

Another design feature that helps to balance out the short axle to axle is brace height. A brace height of 7.25 isn’t really high, but it is higher than some. A higher brace height tends to increase accuracy due to the fact the arrow isn’t traveling on the string as long. Combine the two measurements together and average shooters with a little experience might find this bow satisfactory in the shooting department.

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“How does it compare?”

Attitude vs Cruzer

If you are looking for a bow that offers more adjustability than the Attitude you might take a closer look at the Bear Cruzer. These bows offer unsurpassed adjustability in both draw length and draw weight. In the draw length department the Cruzer adjusts from 12”-30”, making it ideal for someone who is still growing, or just likes to experiment with adjustments.

When you first look at the draw weight adjustments, you may not believe what your eyes are telling you. That’s because the Cruzer has the ability to adjust from a scant 5 pound draw weight to an elk slaying 70 pounds without changing limbs. It would be hard to say this adjustability would not be beneficial for anyone involved in archery. Although it is easy to classify these bows as youth bows, in reality it performs right up there with the Attitude and shouldn’t be overlooked by mature shooters.

Attitude vs SAS Rage

If you find the price of the above mentioned bows prohibitive, you might take a look at the SAS Rage compound bow. This is a bargain bow, and for the relatively low price you get an effective bow. Compared to the Bear Attitude the Rage doesn’t have the same performance. It shoots 270 feet per second compared to 310 fps from the attitude.

That being said, the Rage has some strong points as well. For starters, the long 35” axle to axle measurement and 7” brace height make this bow more forgiving. It also has adequate performance, and although it is outperformed by many bows, it can still be an acceptable hunting rig. The bargain price is also something worth considering.

Attitude vs Bowtech Carbon Knight

Bowtech Carbon Knight

One bow that offers a different shooting experience is Bowtech’s Carbon Knight. The Carbon Knight name comes from the carbon riser this bow features. Carbon risers have a few advantages over aluminum risers. For one they tend not to weigh as much. This proves true in this comparison and the Knight weighs in at a full half pound lighter than the Attitude. This might not be a huge difference for most shooters, but for those looking to really decrease their overall weight it might be something to look at.

Carbon also doesn’t hold temperature as much as aluminum does. For folks who are hunting in cold weather the carbon riser of the Knight might be a very appealing attribute and help make those cold winter stands bearable. On the downside carbon bows tend to be more expensive than aluminum bows and this proves true in this comparison as well. Read our full review here.

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