Bear Cruzer Compound Bow Review

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Our rating – 9/ 10  

If you are looking for a solid bow that offers a range of adjustability the Bear Cruzer lineup is certainly worth a look. Not only are these bows more than enough bow to hunt big game animals with, they also grow with a young archer learning the basics. With a limited lifetime warranty, these bows are a great investment for the average archer and bow hunter.


Who doesn’t like a bow that has the ability to change? Change gives us all the freedom we want to make a bow fit perfectly to our individual bodies. Not only does that make us a better archer, but it helps us enjoy the sport more as well. If you are looking for a highly adjustable bow with a silky draw, you might give the Bear Cruzer lineup a closer look. Not only do these bows offer a wide range of adjustments, but they have more than enough performance for serious outdoorsmen.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

Riser – 80%
Grip – 80%
Cam System – 100%
Limbs – 100%
Styling – 90%
Shooting – 80%

What we liked:

  • Adaptability
  • Ready to hunt package
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Smooth draw

What we didn’t:

  • Short brace height

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Features / Specifications

Cruzer RTH

Cruzer G2

Cruzer Lite

IBO Speed Rating (fps):310315290
Bow Weight (lbs)3.633.2
Brace Height (inches):6.56.56
Axle-To-Axle (inches):323027 1/8″
Draw Length Range:12-30″12-30″12-27″
Draw Weight Range:5-705-705-45
Riser Construction Material:Machined Aluminium
Price Range:MedMedLow
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Limited Lifetime

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Compound Comparison Tables

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In-Depth Review

Cruzer RTH, Lite and G2 Edition Differences

While all of these great bows share tremendous adjustability, there are a few differences worth noting. First off, of the 3 the Cruzer RTH is the most forgiving bow to shoot. The reason for this is the longer axle to axle measurement and the higher brace height. Both of these measurements will make the bow more forgiving, thus more accurate. The 75% let-off on the RTH model will also make holding easier, since less weight is being held at full draw..

While the RTH may be the most accurate, the other bows have some advantages as well. The G2 is the fastest in the lineup, shooting 315 fps. Hunters will surely appreciate this attribute. The faster the arrow closes the gap between you and your prey, the better. The G2 is also the lightest of the trio at a scant 3 pounds.

Finally, attributes of the Cruzer Lite make this an ideal bow for smaller framed shooters. It is the smallest bow in the lineup, measuring at just over 27” from axle to axle. This design feature will allow smaller framed archers to wield the bow more easily. With lower max draw weights and lengths, it is easy to see the Lite edition was designed specifically to meet the needs of smaller archers.


The machined aluminum risers of the Bear Cruzer models do have some variability. Each of the 3 models have extensive waffling, but the design is different. Both the Cruzer RTH and the Cruzer Lite have what you might call a more traditional Bear waffling look. On the other hand, the G2 takes a different approach and gets more aggressive. This aggressive design removes more mass from the riser and decreases the overall weight. The result is the G2 is only 3 pounds, making it lighter than the Cruzer (3.6) and Cruzer Lite (3.2). Folks who are smaller and with less strength may appreciate the lighter weight as steadying the bow will be easier. On the other hand, bows with more mass tend to be quieter than lighter bows. In this regard you may want to opt for the Cruzer for reduced noise levels.


Each of these bows shares the same simple grip design. Bear simply integrated the grip into the riser, and placed some Bear logo nameplates on either side. The advantage here is that a large variety of shooters will be able to comfortably hold this bow for the shot. It is also worth noting the grip’s slim design is comfortable to hold while shooting the bow. Although the grip is not fancy, the design of the grip helps the shooter to find a repeatable position for each shot. Being able to repeat your grip for each shot is important for maximum accuracy.

Cam System

The dual cams of the Cruzer models is certainly a point of discussion. These cams are part of Bear’s MV cam design and specially designed to allow for easy adjustability. None of these cams have a very aggressive design which gives them have a smooth draw, but decreases the top end speed. Although each of these bows has adequate speed for hunting (Cruzer Lite can hit 290 fps), none will break any land speed records. On the other hand, the smooth draw is appealing to a wide range of shooters. As these cams are designed for a wide range of shooters, their cams also have a bit of a sloppy back wall. This can decrease accuracy for top end shooters, but shouldn’t be a big drawback for beginner to intermediate archers.

Bear Cruzer Draw Weight Adjustment

While these bows are not top end in terms of performance, they are top end in terms of adjustability. Each model can be adjusted easily with a single allen wrench and without the use of a bow press. This feature is great for any shooter, but especially those who plan on changing the draw length frequently. In order to adjust the cam you simply need to back out the two set screws from the cam module. With those removed you can rotate the module on the cam to you desired draw length. The modules have a viewing window so you can easily see the draw length as you rotate the module. Within just a few minutes you can have your bow draw length adjusted on any of these models. Again, this feature can be enjoyed by all shooters, but growing shooters will most appreciate this particular benefit.


The quad limbs featured in the Cruzer lineup are another highlight. Like the cams these limbs were designed for maximum adjustability. Both the Cruzer and Cruzer G2 can be adjusted from 5 to 70 pounds of draw weight by merely turning the limb bolts. This is not only good for growing archers, but appreciated by any shooter who wants access to different weights. For example, some archers decrease their shooting weight during the off-season in order to prevent injury. Once hunting season approaches, they then crank the draw weight back up to hunting standards. These bows are a great choice for anyone interested in that type of versatility.


In the styling department, these bows do have some differences. The Cruzer RTH and the Cruzer Lite maintain the same overall appearance, but different color options. The Cruzer RTH comes in black and camo, while the Lite can be purchased in yellow, green, pink, orange, and Real Tree camo. If you are an archer looking for a bold look, the Lite’s color options might be appealing. Similarly, the Cruzer G2 comes in a variety of color options as well. This model can be picked up in black, AP blue, AP blaze orange, AP pink, and AP purple as well. The AP means there will be a simple camo design within the color scheme, which might come in handy for those looking to hit the hunting woods. In terms of branding these bows have the Bear nameplate on the grip and logo on the limbs.


While none of the Bear Cruzer editions will be dubbed “Best Shooter”, most people will never outshoot these bows. Between the three editions the Cruzer RTH is the most forgiving and the most accurate. If you want to shoot tournaments or a lot of 3-D courses, it would be the best of the bunch. All of these bows use a similar cam design and a have a smooth draw. Smooth drawing bows are ideal if you shoot lots of practice arrows.

One complaint people have about these bows is the lack of a solid back wall. Having a good back wall on the draw helps shooters reach a high degree of accuracy. All tallied, this bow was designed to be versatile, not to win tournaments. That being said, they certainly are accurate enough the average archer won’t know the difference.

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“How does it compare?”

Cruzer vs Infinite Edge Pro

One bow that has some similarities to the Bear Cruzer lineup is the Diamond Infinite Edge Pro. Like the Cruzers, the Infinite Edge Pro has the extreme adjustability for young shooters, but performance anyone can appreciate. One added benefit of the Edge Pro is the draw length can be extended to 31 inches. It also boasts an 80% let off, which is greater than the Cruzers. Finally, having a 31 inch axle to axle measurement, and a 7 inch brace height, these bows are slightly more forgiving than the Cruzers. On the other hand, this bow is slightly slower than the G2, clocking in at 310 fps. Check out the full review here.

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Cruzer vs PSE Brute Force

If the Bear Cruzer bows don’t quite have the performance you are looking for, the PSE Brute Force might be worth a look. Arrows streak out of the Brute at 332 fps which gives this bow an advantage in the hunting woods. This bow also was designed specifically for serious archers, and pains were taken to make it exceptionally accurate. While an excellent shooter, the Brute Force lacks the adjustability of the Cruzers in both draw weight and draw length. It would be a good option for mature shooters who are looking to see just how far they can test their skills. Here is a link to our full review.

Cruzer vs Bowtech Carbon Knight

Another flagship caliber bow is the Bowtech Carbon Knight. Like the PSE Brute Force the Carbon Knight has excellent performance, but comes at a high investment than the Cruzer bows. This bow is the fastest in this list, clocking in at 335 feet per second. Again, hunters needing to close the gap on their prey most appreciate exceptionally fast bows. Perhaps the biggest characteristic of the Carbon Knight that appeals to people is the carbon riser. A carbon riser is lighter than an aluminum riser, so the Knight is light at only 3.2 pounds. Although that is heavier than the Cruzer G2, the Knight has another inch of axle to axle, so there is actually more bow there. Finally, the carbon riser will not get as cold as the aluminum risers will which is a benefit cold weather hunters will appreciate. Here is the full review.

About the Manufacturer

Bear Archery is named after its founder Fred Bear, a man with a lifelong passion for archery and hunting and winner of his state (Michigan) archery championships in1934, 1937 and 1939. He founded Bear Archery (around 1940) after demand for his craftsmanship from friends for his equipment bloomed into a full scale enterprise.The company motto of Bear Archery is a solemn promise that their bows (small or large) will be made using the latest methods and techniques (known only to them), be reliable…lethal, and unsurpassed in filling your highest expectations

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