Deer Hunting Season 2022-2023 New York

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Hunting season in New York State is always a thrilling occasion for hunters all over the United States. With the Department of Environmental Conservation looking to reduce the number of deer on Long Island and other areas of the state, hunters are encouraged to get out there at the start of the season. 

If you are looking to hunt in New York, it’s important to know when the season opens and for what style of hunting. In this article, we will cover the season dates, the weapons you can use to hunt deer in New York, the different types of deer you can hunt, and if there are any other exciting animals to pursue. 

Season Dates 

When it comes to hunting season dates in New York, they tend to differ depending on what weapon you are using, what area you are in, and what you are hunting for. In our case, we are on the search for a trophy stag. Here are the broad dates for hunting deer in New York in 2022–2033.

Early BowhuntingSept 27th-Jan 31st
CrossbowOct 12th-Nov 18th
Regular FirearmsOct 22nd- Dec 11th
Late BowhuntingDec 5th-Jan 1st
MuzzleloadingOct 15th-Jan 1st

NB: Antlered bucks must have at least one antler with three points measuring 1 inch or greater. Hunting hours are from 30 minutes before sunrise until after.

The animal sex that you may hunt is dependent on the license you purchase. It’s important to note that season dates also change for the different zones in the state. The zones are divided by the Northern Zone, Southern Zone, Westchester County, and Suffolk County For a more detailed view of the data, you can take a look at the Department of Environmental Conservation’s regulations for hunting season 2022–2023.

Licensing and Bag Limits

The bag limit for hunting deer in New York depends on what license you have purchased. For youth, the bag limit is standard for one deer per hunter, antlerless or antlered. Here is a breakdown of the tag types and privileges that come with different licenses:

License / Tag TypeValiditySeason and Zone
Normal Season Deer TagCan target Antlered only.
Exceptions for Antlerless deer:
Only for restricted bow hunting areas.
During late season for hunters with bow or muzzleloader privileges.
Junior Hunters during their season.
Normal Seasons: Northern ZoneSouthern Zone
Late Seasons: Bowhunting and muzzle loading with privilege only
Columbus Day Weekend: Youth Big Game Hunt
Bow/Mz Season Either Sex Deer TagCan target Antlered or Antlerless.
Can’t be used during muzzleloading season in Antler-only zones such as in the Northern Zone.
Can only be used in Bowhunting and Muzzleloading seasons that accompany the privileges with the purchase. 
Bow/Mz Season Antlerless Deer TagCan only target Antlerless Deer.
Can’t be used during muzzleloading season in Antler-only zones such as in the Northern Zone.
Can only be used in Bowhunting and Muzzleloading seasons that accompany the privileges with the purchase.

The basic license allows for a hunter to shoot one deer per season. If they have a special license, they should be able to shoot more than one deer. For more information on special permits and regulations, take a look at the deer and bear bag limits during an open hunting season.

What Weapons can you Hunt Deer with in New York?

You can hunt in New York with various weapons. Each weapon needs to meet certain standards, and there are regulations specific to each zone in New York. The weapons that can be used are:

  • Bow 
  • Crossbow
  • Muzzleloader
  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Rifle

The following weapons are considered illegal to hunt with:

  • Automatic Firearms
  • A firearm with more than 6 reloadable shells
  • An air-powered bow or gun
  • Any weapon with a silencer

Among the weapons listed above, bow hunting is among the most popular forms of deer hunting in New York. If you want to get into bowhunting, then take a look at this link for some tips to help you get started. Here is a list of the criteria your weapons need to meet to hunt in New York.

Bowlong, recurve, or compound bow with a draw weight of over 35 pounds. A lawful arrowhead has at least two cutting edges and a width of at least 7/8 inch.
Crossbowa bow, string, and compound or recurve limbs with a minimum tip width of 17 inches (uncocked) installed on a stock. The stock must include a trigger with a safety that tensions the string and limbs until released. It must launch a 14-inch arrow/bolt, not including the legal arrowhead, and be 24 inches long from the stock butt to the limbs. It will draw 100–200 pounds.
Handgunany revolver or pistol with a centerfire cartridge. The maximum barrel length is 16 inches.
Muzzleloadersingle-projectile-firing firearm with a minimum bore diameter of 0.44 inches that is loaded through the muzzle. At any point, scopes or fiber-optic sights may be employed. Muzzleloading pistol hunting in New York State requires a pistol license.
Shotgunmust be at least 20 gauge and shoot a single projectile. Rifling is permitted in the barrel or choke.
RifleA certified centerfire rifle

For more information on weapon regulations in New York, take a look at the DEC website.

What Types of Deer are popular in New York?

White-tailed deer, mule deer, elk deer, and moose are among the most common types of deer in the state. In New York, white-tailed deer are the most common type of deer to see and the most popular species to hunt. For larger deer, you may want to seek out moose, which can be found in the northern and central parts of the state. 

What else is Popular to Hunt in New York?

There are a wide variety of games that can be found in the state. Whitetail deer, wild turkey, snow geese, and waterfowl are popular prey for hunters. Small game, like squirrels and rabbits, is also hunted in the area. Another great option is hunting bears, which can be done with a bow. For those looking for something different, there is bobcat, coyote, and fox hunting. Whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter, New York offers something for everyone!

Take a look at the hunting regulations for the 2022–2023 hunting season for other animals per zone.

Hunting in New York is a unique experience. However, it is critical to follow the State of New York’s regulations in order to know when you should be hunting and what weapons you can use. We hope this guide to the deer hunting season 2022-2023 in New York is insightful and helps you with your preparation for the season.

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