Bowtech BT-X Compound Bow Review

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Our rating – 9.8/ 10  

The Bowtech BT-X is a fantastic bow that serious shooters will love to tinker with. It not only has blurring arrow speeds of 350 fps, but it also is highly tunable. In reality, Bowtech made this bow so adjustable that it is really like buying 3 bows in 1. If you are looking for a high performance, quality made flagship bow, the BT-X is worth a closer inspection.


As consumers we hate trade offs. We want our products to meet all of our wants, and don’t want anything left out. Our bows are no different. We want bows that have speed, comfort, and fit out particular bodies perfectly.

Although all bows do in fact have trade offs, the Bowtech BT-X does its best to be a bow everyone can appreciate.

Bowtech came up with a bow that allows the individual shooter to determine whether the bow is setup for speed or for comfort. Regardless, this bow is also a dream to shoot and that is something anyone can appreciate.

Ratings, Pros and Cons

Riser – 100%
Grip – 80%
Cam System – 100%
Limbs – 100%
Styling – 100%
Shooting – 100%

What we liked:

  • High performance
  • Overdrive cam technology
  • Shootability

What we didn’t:

  • Short axle to axle
  • All the adjustability may overwhelm a new archer

Features / Specifications

IBO Speed Rating (fps):350
Bow Weight (lbs)4.2
Brace Height (inches):6.25
Axle-To-Axle (inches):31
Draw Length Range:27″-31″
Draw Weight Range:40-80 lbs
Riser Construction Material:Aluminium
Limb Construction Material:Composite
Price Range:High
Handedness Availability:Both Left and Right Hand
Warranty:Non transferable lifetime


A great spotlight on the BT-X in video format.

Compound Comparison Tables

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In-Depth Review


The riser of the BT-X is made out of a solid piece of machined aluminum. Over the years aluminum has become the most popular material due to its light weight and high strength. Bowtech got a little creative with their cutouts on this bow and it gives the bow a unique overall design.

If you are looking to stand out on the range, this bow will certainly catch a few glances.

One feature worth mentioning on this riser is Bowtech’s FLX roller guard system. For years shooters were concerned about how cable systems would torque the cams during the shot cycle. This system reduces cable torque and contributes to the high accuracy of the bow.


The grip on the BowTech BT-X is their standard grip. The slim grip is one that some shooters really find to fit nicely in the hand. While many shooters do like the grip, it is unique and some archers find it a bit hard to adjust to at first. If you have been shooting another brand for years, it may take some time to find comfort with this bow.

Cam System

Odds are the cam system on the BT-X will be the most impressive feature, especially to serious shooters. Bowtech went ahead and used their Overdrive cam system on this bow. These cams are designed to be highly tunable and allow the shooter to fit the bow to their wants. Bowtech also unveiled their new Powershift technology with these cams.

Powershift technology allows the shooter to select 1 of 3 settings that adjust the draw force curve. One setting is for comfort, one setting is for speed, and one finds a nice middle ground. In reality this adjustability is like getting three bows in one package. If you are looking for a bow that you can know without a doubt will suit your needs, the Overdrive cams are a great feature.

Another aspect of this cam system worth discussing is the Micro Sync dial. Many twin cam bows have issues with timing and the Micro Sync dial is aimed at ending that headache. If you notice your cams are getting slightly out of tune due to string or cable stretching all you need to do is simply adjust the dial to get the bow back in tune.

All of the work can be achieved in minutes and without the use of a bow press. Again, if you like to tinker with your bow, the BT-X is a dream come true. As a word of caution, if you are a new shooter who knows little about archery or how bows work, you might get a little overwhelmed with this bow and actually cause it to perform worse. 

Draw Length and Draw Weight Adjustment

Keeping with the theme of making this bow adjustable Bowtech allowed the draw length to be adjusted easily. Many bow manufacturers are using easily adjustable cam modules to set their draw length these days. One big point of emphasis is that you must use the manual when setting the draw length or your bow will get out of whack pretty quickly.The BT-X comes as a 50, 60, 70, or 80 pound setup. Each setup is marked for its peak draw weight and will give you a ten pound range. Like with other bows the draw weight can be adjusted by simply turning the limb bolts with an allen wrench. If you want a bow that can be easily adjusted it is a good choice. 


Bowtech included their carbon core limbs on the BT-X. Most limbs today are composite limbs made of many different materials laminated together. These are high quality limbs that will not only stand up to the forces applied to them, but they should last for years to come. Another great thing about having these strong limbs is they will not flex much during the shot. Less flexing means less movement, and less movement means more accuracy.


One area you might appreciate as a shooter is the range of color choices for this bow. The Bowtech BT-X comes in Kryptek Highlander, Kryptek Typhon, BlackOps, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, and Realtree Xtra Green.

This whole range of color choices can help you land a bow that not only fits your tastes, but also helps to blend it into your hunting surroundings as well. When paired with the unique riser design, the BT-X is a sharp looking bow for sure.


As mentioned earlier, the BT-X is designed to give the shooter 3 different experiences during the shot. If set on the #3 setting, this bow is very comfortable to draw. Although arrow speed does suffer in this setting, the drop off is not extreme.

On the #1 setting this bow is designed for performance, so comfort does take a hit. You’ll find this a stiffer draw on this setting, which is pretty much as expected to achieve the maximum speed. Again though, the unique thing about this bow is you are really buying 3 bows in 1.

Speed freaks can deal with the stiff draw, while those not concerned with fps can find a bow that is more enjoyable to shoot.

“How does it compare?”

Bowtech BTX vs Bear Cruzer G2

If you like the adjustability of the BT-X, another bow you might find intriguing is the Bear Cruzer G-2.

This highly adjustable bow has incredible versatility and has a draw weight range from 5 to 70 pounds, and adjusts in draw length from 12”-30”.

While shooters of any age can appreciate this variability in this bow, it is great for new shooters, or young archers who are still growing.

That being said, this bow isn’t a kids bow and still boasts speeds of 315 feet per second. It also rings in at noticeable lower price tag that the BT-X.

Bowtech BTX vs Carbon Knight

Anyone browsing flagship bows would want to take the time to browse another of Bowtech’s esteemed bows, the Carbon Knight.

The Carbon Knight hangs with the BT-X in terms of arrow speed, and is rated at 335 fps. Perhaps the biggest attribute that makes the Carbon Knight stand out is the carbon riser. Carbon is a super light material that is also robust enough to stand up to heavy use.

Bowtech decided to use carbon as their main construction material and this resulted in a bow that registers just over 3 pounds in total weight. Anyone who carries their bow much can appreciate this feature.

Bowtech BTX vs PSE Brute Force

Another bow that competes with the BT-X is the PSE Brute Force. The Brute Force comes with the ultra popular Bow Madness cams that shooters really like for their performance and comfort. Unlike the BT-X, you cannot adjust the twin cams on this bow without the use of a bow press, so this bow will likely take a little more maintenance.

In the shooting department the Brute Force is a great bow. It has a really solid back wall with no creep, and is dead in the hand. PSE has always released very accurate bows and the Brute Force stays consistent with that. Combine the accuracy with 332 fps arrow speeds, and you have quite a bow.

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